EDHIR-Heart-mind Integration

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How This Helps

I have developed a 5 phase system to Integrate the Heart-Mind called EDHIR (Sounds like Adhere which is synonymous with ‘To Be True’)

The system that allows you To Be True To YOU!

Explore Discover Heal Integrate Relate

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Phase 1: Explore

This initial phase is all about Exploring what is going on that is creating a barrier for you. As you connect with your breath coming into a more relaxed state, you will begin to Explore within.

Phase 2: Discover

The Discovery phase is the most unique as one never knows what will be discovered. You will be guided with, an open mind to Discover, without judgment, in order to see what needs attention.

Phase 3: Heal

The phase of Healing is the most rewarding part as you begin to heal aspects of yourself that have been disconnected for far too long. Often times this is where you may meet your inner child.

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Phase 4: Integrate

Integration brings the healed aspect into union with you becoming whole and mending the hole within.

Phase 5: Relate

Now is the time where you enter into a new Relationship with the new upgraded version of yourself. Who you were in phase 1-3 is not who you are once you complete phase 4 & 5. The possibilities are endless!

Heart-Mind Integration is useful in:

Shifting out of stuckness​

Learning to live in the present moment​

Manifesting ​

Conflict resolution ​

Physical and emotional healing​

Relieving anxiety, depression, and all forms of stress​


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