Diet tips for ulcerative colitis

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Table of Contents

How This Helps

The following specific foods are generally recommended in Ayurveda for patients of ulcerative colitis. Sometimes, many patients cannot tolerate all of these food items. Ayurvedic Physician’s opinion is very important for one’s individualized diet plan. General Dietary Recommendations:

Food items which can be taken generally by all Anaar (Pomegranate), buttermilk, apple, papaya, guava, chikoo, munakka, mulethi, saunf.

Unlike modern thinking, According to Charak Smahita Goat’s milk (having low fat content and is easily digestible) is recommended for Pittaj Atisara and Raktaja Pravahika. So milk consumption must be encouraged.

Avoid consumption of coffee, tea, milk, ice cream, cheese and dairy products except milk, and ghee.

Limit the consumption of non-vegetarian food items. Consume plenty of coconut water.

Inhibit the consumption of food items, which aggravate Pitta. These food items include green leafy vegetables, spices, pineapple, lemons and other citrus fruits. Tomatoes are also not recommended.

Eat foods like pumpkin, bitter gourd, ash gourd etc. These are bitter in taste and are highly beneficial for the health.

Avoid smoking and alcohol.