Dhanurasana – Bow Pose

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Table of Contents

How This Helps

Dhanurasana, just like Ardha Matsyendrasana is a commonly recommended pose for diabetics. In this backbend, the main point of contact with the ground will be the belly, thus again compressing and activating the pancreas.


Dhanurasana is a backbend that not only strengthens the back and opens the heart but also strengthens the legs and stretches out your hip flexors. Here, the weight and strength of the legs opens the heart while the strength of the arms stretches the hips. Though the weight will be distributed to the legs and arms as well, you will feel a deep pressing on the belly and you may even end up rocking back and forth a few times as you attempt to get into the pose – even better for reaching the pancreas. Done often, it can improve the function of the pancreas and help your body produce and accept insulin.

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  • 1. Lie down on your belly on the yoga mat.
    2. Bring your knees hips width apart. Have your arms reaching for the back.
    3. Bend your right knee, then reach for the right ankle with the right hand. Hold the outer edge of the right ankle and flex your foot. If you can’t reach   the ankle, hold on the face of the foot and point the toes. Do the same for the left side.a. You can also do this in a supported way by putting pillows, blankets
    4. Take a deep exhale to begin with.
    5. Roll the shoulders out already.
    6. Inhale and kick your legs up as if you want to touch the ceiling with your feet. At the same time, lift your chest off of the floor. The more you kick
    your legs up, the higher your chest will go.
    7. Once you’re already in the pose, try to get your knees to point to the back and go back to being hips width apart.
    8. Stay for around 5 breath cycles.or bolsters underneath your body before lifting your legs.

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Science and Research

If you have high or low blood pressure, any serious lower back pain or if you are pregnant do not do this pose. Aside from activating the abdominal organs, the bow pose is also good for strengthening the muscles in the abdomen, the legs and the back – thus awakening metabolic functions in the body.

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