Despacho Ritual and Offerings

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A Despacho is an offering bundle. It is created as a way to promote a particular outcome. It’s essence , however, is always the same – primarily a thanksgiving gesture. Central procedure is to invoke sources of power in a natural setting. Mountains, rivers, springs, the 4 directions, heaven and earth, and the Ancestors. In order to create a Despacho it is necessary to first determine which objects are symbolic of the outcome desired. Objects from the 4 natural kingdoms: vegetable, mineral, animal, human. Image of children, or sends represent fertility in a women , therefore serve as a signal that the Despacho intends to promote conception and birth.

To buried The Despacho – invoke the power of the feminine- Earth

To burning the Despacho – invokes the power of the masculine- Heaven

The casting into water – promotes change, transitions and rebirth

Vegetable Products to be used:

COCA- sacred Wisdom of the Mother

TOBACCO- offering of the Sky Father

SAGE – purification , banishment of the negative

ANISE – celebration , the senses

CORN- gift of the Earth, our daily sustenance

FIGS- Ancient Mountain Spirits

FLOWERS- the beauty of Nature, the Power of light, reproduction and fertility

GARLIC- absorption of the negative , Banshment

GRAINS- sustenance , Abundance

LAVENDER- purity , purification

LIMA BEANS – sacred places, power spots

LIQUOR- high energy, honoring the aspirin World, our Ancestors

RICE- offerings to the Spirit World

RAISINS- offering to the Dead

SEEDS- fertility, beginnings, potential

SUGAR- sweetness, feeding, the Spirits

VEGETABLE OIL-our connection to the Nourishing Power of nature

WINE ,RED- honoring the Mother, Menstrual Blood

WINE , WHITE- honoring the moon, fluids of purification, urine


GOLD- masculine , the sun, insight

SILVER- Feminine, the moon , intuition

IRON- strength, persistence, endurance, direction

JADE- good luck, prosperity, strong immune system, divine Love , Protection

ROSE QUARTZ- love, Romance , purity of feeling, confidence, personal expression ,creativity

SALT- protection , boundaries


FEATHERS- connection to birds, and to Native American Wisdom

HUMAN HAIR- Honoring our Connection to the Animal World

MILK- connection to the mother , honoring trees

PEARLS- infinite Wisdom & Purity

STARFISH- foundation, successful new beginnings

SHELLS- power of the Waters: depth, faith, flexibility


FISH- abundance , prosperity

DICE- good luck

COINS- good fortune

SILVER THREAD- connection to the mountain spirit

GOLD THREAD- connection to the earth mother

SKULLS – power of the past, power of the ancestors

STARS- hope , aspiration

KNOTS- the web of life , interdependence

HEARTS- working from love, from the center

CANDY- compassion & love

CANDLES- celebration and rejoicing

BUTTERFLIES- Happiness and Spontaneity


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