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What is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is a holistic, natural treatment procedure for cleaning the colon. Tried by celebrities and people of all walks of life, this treatment is accessible to many patients. Initially, the treatment may seem to be a little strange. Nevertheless, the more one starts learning about the same, it appears to be healthy and beneficial. If we try to define the term in easy to understand words, then it is nothing but a delicate washing of the colon with warm water. [1]

Colonic hydrotherapy is a process that involves allowing a slow stream of water into the anus. The water causes contractions in the colon and through these contractions matter within the colon gets from the body. That is why colonics are performed for individuals with constipation or those that want to get rid of weight. But this should not be your sole weight-loss plan as your therapist won’t and can not eliminate fat, just colon waste.

How do you know if you even have colon waste? Have you ever had a snack on the go, ate fast food, drank plenty of soda, ate a huge meal before going to bed, failed sleep or exercise, drank plenty of coffee or strong tea? No. Then you probably won’t gain a lot from colonics. But if you did and when this accumulation occurs through the years, it may occur that the diet will not be effective and the game will deplete the body, not giving you the opportunity to eliminate weight.

This treatment aims to expel the mucous plague, gas, and fecal residues out of the colon. The therapy also helps the body to retain the essential nutrients in the body effortlessly, and one starts feeling lighter and revived. [2]

The procedure of the treatment is principally infusing water, gently and safely through the anus, and there is no drugs or chemicals intervention during the process. In the end, one achieves no less than a healthy gut, which is vital for a healthy living.

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Is colon hydrotherapy safe & effective?

Ways to make the treatment more safe & successful

There are certain foods that could make colon hydrotherapy more successful. One of these is Triphala, an Ayurvedic formula comprising three fruits. Triphala is a natural laxative that’s been utilized since ancient times to treat constipation. You may get the Triphala powder in any pharmacy. You can add one tablespoon in a glass of water and drink it in the morning.

You may also try drinking honey and lemon or senna. Senna is a colon stimulator that you can prepare as a tea. Only take six senna leaves and crush them, boil some water and let it all cool down.

Foods and plants which also revealed as successful are Aloe Vera, fiber-rich food, lemon, lemon juice, and a papaya mint smoothie. If you wish to prepare this smoothie, then you will want 1/2 papaya, mint leaves, and a pinch of salt. Cut half a spoonful info cubes and toss it in the blender. Add a couple of mint leaves and a tiny black salt.

We often fail to understand what the organs are trying to tell us and how efficiently they are working. When the colons fail to perform their function properly, all the organs of the body start to lose their efficiency while performing their exclusive responsibilities. It may even affect the body with chronic diseases.[3]

Colon hydrotherapy is safe, and a professional and well-trained nurse only will perform the therapy upon the patient. Mostly one can see the use of technological colon hydrotherapy machines during the treatment procedure. The room and the equipment are entirely sterilized after the application.

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Colon hydrotherapy benefits

Due to the daily consumption habits and excess consumption of animal proteins, sugar, and fats, the colon becomes distressed. It is stuffing more and more clothes even before the washing machine has finished washing what one has put before. The toxic materials which enter our body follow the same pathway.

There are several benefits one can expect while going through colon hydrotherapy. The most common benefits are:

– Increased Body energy

– Improved blood circulation

– Clear vision and healthy skin

– Better mental health

– Healthy gut and better digestive system

– Losing weight

– Relief from bloating

When the colon hydrotherapy detoxifies the body, the harmful bacteria which are inside the body are also eliminated. A clean and healthy colon can help to digest the foods better and filter the necessary nutrients from the eaten foods. One can also get a better and more robust immune system to fight against ailments and other health conditions.

Does colon hydrotherapy work for weight loss?

Foods that lack fiber take more time to digest, and they produce excessive mucus. The mucous then residues in the intestinal walls. The healthy weight of the human colon is four pounds when it is empty, and it can hold eight meals.

When the body cannot flush out the toxic wastes wholly out from the body, it makes the intestinal tract weigh a few more pounds. Eventually, one can gain some extra weight.

Colon cleansing can help the body to lose excessive weight. Some people have made claims of losing almost twenty pounds in just one month after they have been through the colon cleansing. The principle of the colon hydrotherapy is to increase the amount of fluid content in the colon. It also helps the wastes to move out of the body. [4] When the fluid volume is more in the colon, it not only helps in shedding some pounds but also improves the overall health.

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How many colon hydrotherapy treatments are needed?

You will shed poop and water. The weight loss amount will vary from one person to another. An ordinary bowel movement releases roughly one pound of feces from the intestinal tract – colon treatment will cause you to shed at least that amount of fat and more because of losing the feces in your intestinal tract that’s not yet prepared for expulsion.

Besides the stool, you may lose some extra water out of your intestinal tract. Cleansing the colon can quickly make you feel lighter, and in addition, it ensures better digestion and absorption of nutrients. If your body absorbs a fantastic quantity of nutrients, you might feel less hungry.

For how many times one might need to go for colon hydrotherapy is a question people may ask when they are trying to lose weight. The number of times that one needs to go for colon hydrotherapy is based on the requirement of the body. Initially, one might need colon hydrotherapy once a week. Three therapies in as many weeks are counted to be enough at the initial period, and each therapy becomes more successful than the previous one.

Bear in mind that you cannot depend on colon cleansing alone – eat healthily, keep yourself hydrated, get proper sleep and exercise.

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Is colon hydrotherapy painful?

You are taken to the therapy table at the beginning of the treatment. A trained nurse performs the therapy by inserting a single-use disposable tube inside the rectum. Warm and clean water passes through the rectum in very lower pressure. The plaques and the toxins are then got soften and released of the intestinal walls. The water pressure can be controlled by the nurse. [7]

The nurse gives an abdominal massage to the patient to aid the procedure. The treatment provides a relaxing experience throughout the process. One may have the feeling of lightness and cleanliness undergoing the colon hydrotherapy. One can start seeing the outcome of the therapy within a few days after that. Glowing skin and an increased energy level are the most noticeable changes that one can experience soon.

Colonic precautions & side effects

According to the Mayo Clinic, colon cleansing can sometimes be harmful. In actuality, coffee enemas sometimes utilized in colon cleansing have been linked to many deaths. Colon cleansing can also cause less serious side effects, such as bloating, cramping, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

Other possible concerns with colon cleansing include:

– Infection

– Dehydration

– A tear in the rectum (perforation)

– A change in your electrolyte balance, which is dangerous if you have heart or kidney disease or other health problems



Check with your medical provider, particularly if you take any drugs or have any health issues, such as kidney or cardiovascular disease. Make certain your colon-cleansing practitioner is reputable and utilizes disposable equipment that has not been previously employed. Get a list of certain herbal ingredients and quantities in any colon-cleansing products that you use — some ingredients may lead to health issues.

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Choose colon hydrotherapy practitioner near you

It would be best if you choose to talk to a doctor before going for the hydrotherapy. However, by abiding by some of the tips, one can stay safe from being affected by the side effects of the therapy. Though there is no severe side effect included to the list. [8]

Avoid foods high in fat content, and don’t have a colon to cleanse without consulting your physician first. It’s prudent to refrain from eating or drinking anything two hours before your treatment because we would like to prevent feelings of nausea and make certain you will have maximum comfort throughout the session.

You should drink lots of water and begin your day with a detox drink. Drink plenty of fluids before going for the therapy. You should eat more fruits and veggies, get decent sleep and exercise. One might start feeling dehydrated after the treatment is over as well. Choose the therapist near your location wisely and make sure that the equipment and components which are used during the therapy are sterilized properly & well maintained.

After colon hydrotherapy, you will likely feel rebalanced, rejuvenated and re-energized. Try to drink enough fluids. You’ll likely enjoy a wholesome vegetable soup with another few hours but avoid eating uncooked vegetables directly after the session. Additionally, you should decrease meat intake, coffee, and sugar consumption.

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