What Is Sexual Health?

Sexual health involves the capability to be intimate with a partner, to interact clearly about sexual needs and desires, to be sexually functional (to have the desire, become excited, and acquire sexual fulfillment), to act deliberately and properly, and to set suitable sexual limits.

The World Health Organization specifies sexual health as a state of physical, emotional, psychological, and social wellness in relation to sexuality. It is not just the dysfunction or imperfection or even absence of disease. Sexual health needs a positive and considerate approach to sexual relationships and sexuality, as well as the possibility of having enjoyable and safe sexual experiences devoid of discrimination and violence.

Sexual dysfunction is an issue that can happen during any stage of the sexual reaction cycle. It prevents you from experiencing complete satisfaction from sex. The sexual action cycle typically consists of excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. Sexual desire and arousal are critical parts of the exciting stage of the sexual response. It’s important to understand women don’t always go through these phases in order.

While research study recommends that sexual dysfunction prevails, many people don’t like speaking about it. Because treatment options are available, however, you must share your worry about your partner and healthcare provider.

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