Skin Diseases research studies for holistic treatments

Around the world over thousands of years, patients have received root-cause holistic treatment for their diseases with personalized
treatment, diet and lifestyle modification recommendations. Read the inspiring true stories of practitioners who heal people and who recovered
from their problems after skin-diseases treatment at their clinics. Many have been generous to share their knowledge and experience for the benefit
of other holistic experts and patients alike. Many practitioners share their Case Studies and the healing powers of skin-diseases and related therapies
as they heal people who benefited from our expertise.

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Cosmetologic Approach In Ayurveda

March 2018

Cosmetology is a very promising upcoming branch in medicine. The concept of Herbal, Zero Side effects, Natural being attached to its products may be the next upcoming boom in the industry. The products have rendered applications right from the skin and hair to the teeth with various creams, powders, deodorants, antiperspirants, hair dyes and even tooth pastes now coming under the ambit. Beauty currently has become a virtue which induces a sense of pride, happiness and content in the mind. This is the reason the market for Cosmetology products is rising in leaps and bounds. The present article plans to collate many such references from Ayurvedic texts to put forth that the branch of cosmetology though not mentioned separately was practised well during ancient times

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