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/ title=”Insulin resistance and adiposity in relation to serum beta-carotene levels.”>
Insulin resistance and adiposity in relation to serum beta-carotene levels.

June 2012

To determine the effects of placebo vs an encapsulated supplement of fruit and vegetable juice concentrate (FVJC) on serum?-carotene levels, insulin resistance, adiposity, and subclinical inflammation in boys.
Thirty age-matched prepubertal boys (9 lean and 21 overweight (OW); age range, 6-10 years) were studied. All participants received diet therapy counseling and were randomized to receive FVJC or placebo capsules for 6 months. Total cholesterol, triglycerides, lipid corrected?-carotene, serum retinol, glucose, insulin, retinol binding protein-4, leptin, adiponectin, leptin-to-adiponectin ratio, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, and interleukin-6 were measured before and after the 6-month intervention. Homeostasis model assessment-insulin resistance (HOMA-IR), acuteinsulin response to intravenous glucose, along with abdominal fat mass (dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry) were also determined.
Baseline?-carotene concentrations correlated inversely with HOMA-IR, leptin-to-adiponectin ratio, and abdominal fat mass (P ? .01). FVJC intake increased ?-carotene concentrations (P ? .001) but did not influence retinol or retinol binding protein-4. Retinol insufficiency

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