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Around the world over thousands of years, patients have received root-cause holistic treatment for their diseases with personalized
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/ title=”Randomised trial of cranberry-lingonberry juice for urinary tract infections in women.”>
Randomised trial of cranberry-lingonberry juice for urinary tract infections in women.

October 2009

To determine whether recurrences of urinary tract infection can be prevented with cranberry-lingonberry juice or with Lactobacillus GG drink. Design: Open, randomised controlled 12 month follow up trial.
Health centres for university students and staff of university hospital. PARTICIPANTS: 150 women with urinary tract infection caused by Escherichia coli randomly allocated into three groups. Interventions: 50 ml of cranberry-lingonberry juice concentrate daily for six months or 100 ml of lactobacillus drink five days a week for one year, or no intervention. Main outcome measure: First recurrence of symptomatic urinary tract infection, defined as bacterial growth>/=10(5 )colony forming units/ml in a clean voided midstream urine specimen.
The cumulative rate of first recurrence of urinary tract infection during the 12 month follow up differed significantly between the groups (P=0.048). At six months, eight (16%) women in the cranberry group, 19 (39%) in the lactobacillus group, and 18 (36%) in the control group had had at least one recurrence. This is a 20% reduction in absolute risk in the cranberry group compared with the control group (95% confidence interval 3% to 36%, P=0.023, number needed to treat=5, 95% confidence interval 3 to 34).
Regular drinking of cranberry juice but not lactobacillus seems to reduce the recurrence of urinary tract infection.

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/ title=”Adjuvant effect of vitamin A on recurrent lower urinary tract infections.”>
Adjuvant effect of vitamin A on recurrent lower urinary tract infections.

June 2007

The purpose of the present paper was to investigate the effects of vitamin A supplementation on recurrent lower urinary tract infections (RUTI).
Twenty-four patients with non-complicated RUTI were included in a placebo-controlled, double-blinded study. Twelve patients received a single dose of 200,000 IU vitamin A in addition to antimicrobial therapy. Patient and control groups (each containing 12 patients) were followed for up to 1 year and were evaluated for eradication and frequency of lower urinary tract infections (UTI). Serum levels of vitamin A and beta-carotene were determined periodically.
During the first 6 months follow-up period the infection rate of the vitamin A-supplemented group reduced from 3.58 to 0.75 per 6 months, and in the subsequent 6 months the infection rate was 1.75 per 6 months. These values were calculated as 2.75, 2.83 and 2.66, respectively, in the placebo group.
Vitamin A supplementation may have an adjuvant effect on the treatment of RUTI.

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