Vibrant Spring Kiwi Salad

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How This Helps

Honey is rich in flavonoids – an amazing antioxidants which help prevent cancer and some heart diseases. Kiwifruit is an excellent source of vitamin C and vitamin K and will lighten up your everyday snack. 


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whole: : 
Kiwi: : 

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cup: : 
Berries: : 

1 : : 
tabelspoon: : 
Honey: : 

1/4 : : 
cup: : 
Lime Juice: : 


It’s amazing how only a few ingredients with a drizzle of honey based lemon dressing can taste so sensational! Combine the honey with fresh lime juice. Mix well with a fork
and pour in a bowl. Place the fruit on top and leave in the refrigerator for
about 20 minutes before serving colorful kiwi salad. 
Plus, the vibrant colors and flavors make this simple yet healthy kiwi salad with other fruits an exceptional and refreshing spring combination. 

Science and Research

Recent research studies from Taipei Medical University has confirmed result from clinical studies that eating kiwi fruit helps with decrease in LDL ( bad cholesterol) and increase in HDL ( good cholesterol). In addition, similar research has been done in 2004 that concluded that people who ate kiwi regularly reduced their LDL by almost 15%.

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