Strawberries with Raisin Granola Bar

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How This Helps

Strawberries have a rich content of anthocyanins, an antioxidant, that prevents oxidative damage and protects the kidney’s cellular structures. In addition, strawberries contain an abundance of Vitamin C and fiber. Adequate intake of fiber can reduce cholesterol level and lipids, thus reducing risk of hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis, which are common and risky symptoms seen in kidney failure patients. 

Science and Research

Strawberries are low in potassium content, making them ideal for the kidney patients who cannot process high amount of potassium. Research indicates that a high potassium content can drastically affect the working of your heart and lead to heart attacks, especially if your kidneys are not healthy. Moreover, granola is an easily digestible food and does not affect your digestive system greatly. Eating strawberries with raisin granola bar is an excellent snack option for people suffering from CKD. Please consult with a dietitian to get personalized meal and diet plan according to your condition.


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