Power Packed Green Juice

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Table of Contents

How This Helps

Green Juicing is a wonderful way to get better absorption of nutrients from food. For many individuals this is important since digestive issues are quite evident. Green Juicing is effective at detoxifying the body of impurities, promote balanced pH levels internally, and improve the functions of the liver, kidneys and skin. Green juicing has been proven to not only aid with digestion and detoxifying the body, but also helps with balancing hormones, lowering cholesterol levels, diabetes and weight management.


Juice includes: 2 cucumbers, 2 green apples, 6 sticks of celery, 5 kale leaves and 1 large finger of ginger root. Add a small amount of raw, organic, unfiltered honey to light taste (very small amount!). You can use a juicer or a blender (if using a blender, strain the juice). Also, if using a blender (on high speed; liquify), add 6 to 8 cups of distilled or purified water. Enjoy!