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What are personalized vitamins?

There are many types of vitamins available today with various claims and benefits. While some are required for your health, others are more about glitzy marketing and zero uses.[1] From brightly colored gummy bears to dual-toned capsules, vitamins today come in many forms and formulations, making it challenging to find out which one is the best for you and if they even benefit your health. From daily vitamins to multivitamin packs, which one do you choose? 

 To combat this super-overwhelming market of vitamins, many companies are coming up with a new trend of personalized vitamins sold in personalized vitamin packs. Let us take a look at these custom vitamins.[2]

What are Customized Vitamins Packs?

Personalized or customized vitamins have become the latest trend in the supplements market today. However, a lot of this buzz is just smart marketing. Until a supplement company makes an effort to run a blood test and then produce a vitamin pill specific to your exact requirements, that vitamin cannot be personalized.[3]

Personalized vitamins are usually sold in vitamin packs, and the packs will give you exactly the vitamins you need, and nothing extra. Today, many companies are carrying out the personalization process by asking customers to answer specific questions about their age, gender, physical activity levels, existing health conditions, interests, and health goals plan to achieve in the next year. Having access to such answers helps these supplement companies create a vitamin pack that addresses these customers’ individual needs.[4] 

An important point here, though, is that these questionnaires are not without faults. For example, if a questionnaire does not ask whether a woman is planning to become pregnant, is currently pregnant, or breastfeeding, it means that when they are personalizing the supplement, the woman will lack a critical prenatal or postnatal supplement that is required. Many other questionnaires include all the relevant questions and allow you to re-access your profile to make changes as and when you experience any significant lifestyle changes, such as pregnancy.[5]

To make these personalized vitamin packs, supplement companies use various tools and technologies developed by healthcare experts and scientists. These tools help determine the nutrient gaps and core nutrient requirements of individuals, thus, informing the algorithm to create the custom vitamins.[6] The questionnaires drawn up by the companies help them understand what unique factor is present in each person that may potentially need something extra to be added to their supplement – more than the standard men’s or women’s multivitamin. For example, most vitamin companies now sell supplements that are essentially the same daily vitamins you would purchase from a drugstore. But, the personalization part comes in the vitamin packs. 

This means that a vitamin that claims to be ‘personalized’ is not necessarily better than any regular supplement sold in the drugstore. They can be the same pill. Once you fill out the questionnaire, you will receive a more customized supplement regiment packaged on a per-day format to offer the maximum level of convenience on busy mornings.[7]

Personalized vitamins benefits

What are the Benefits of Personalized Vitamins?

Perhaps the biggest benefit of subscribing to such personalized vitamin packs is that it makes it easier to address specific health concerns you may have. It is difficult and overwhelming to find out what your health issues are and even more challenging to find out the exact vitamins and supplements to safely and efficiently address these health issues. There is an endless number of supplements, nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to choose from when you step inside a drugstore. If you are a new entrant to the world of supplements, you will have a tough time sifting through all the brands and options to find the one you need.[8] 

Subscribing to personalized vitamin packs takes out the enormous amount of guesswork involved in choosing the right daily vitamins you need and understanding why your body needs these vitamins. Your confidence will also increase known that the custom vitamins you are taking come from a reliable source and are proven to help your health needs.[9] 

It is also beneficial that these personalized vitamin packs are shipped right to your doorstep each month, taking out the worry of having to order them yourself or going to a store to find them. 

Personalized vitamins will ensure that you take care of yourself while addressing any health concerns you may be having. Having access to licensed healthcare professionals also reduces the worry about whether you are taking the right supplement or not. However, make sure that you subscribe to personalized vitamin packs made by reliable and trustworthy sources only.


What does the science say?

We are all different from each other, and these differences go well beyond our skin color. They go as deep as our cells. Personalization of supplements should be done through comprehensive testing that helps identify any unexpected or expected nutritional deficiencies in a person. Furthermore, this process should ideally be done with your doctor. However, because it can quickly become expensive to get so many blood and urine tests done, companies resort to taking help from questionnaires or conducting diet surveys. 

Working with a good doctor or healthcare expert is the most reliable method of making personalized vitamins.

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