Oats Khichdi vegetarian meal for weight loss

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Table of Contents

How This Helps

Useful for : weight loss, altered lipid profile, diabetes, high protein vegetarian meal

Oats are extremely high in fibre and combining it with a pulse also helps us give good quality proteins. This is a very easy to prepare breakfast recipe that gives us a break from our regular oats porridge. Adding vegetables to it makes it rich in vitamin and minerals too. I prefer adding the vegetable stalk instead of water to cook oats so that we do not lose water soluble vitamin too.


Key ingredients-
Split and peeled green gram

Method for preparation
You may find the recipe on many Indian recipes’ websites. However, I prepare Oats Khichdi that is very similar to this; variations can be done in vegetables 

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Nutritional information – 2tbsp of oats and 1 tbsp of dal will make 1 small bowl(1 serving) which will give:-

  1. Calories- 160 kcal
    Carbohydrates- 21g
    Fats- 4g
  2. It is a rich source of vitamin a, c and a fairly good source of calcium and iron.

Science and Research

Research published in the American Journal of nutrition shows consuming oats daily reduces LDL and cholesterol. This effect is due to the presence of beta-glucans in oats. Beta-glucans is a soluble fiber that reduces blood glucose rise and cholesterol. Hence it is a good meal for diabetics and heart patients.

Adding oats to your meals can be a straightforward and effective method to help manage blood sugar spikes for diabetics. As oats are high in fiber and low glycemic index, they do an excellent job of regulating glucose levels and decreasing the need for insulin shots. Oats are also quite high in fiber, which makes you feel full longer and helping with weight control. Having the ability to regulate your diet and maintain a healthy weight more efficiently may contribute to reducing blood sugar levels. In addition to direct effects on your glucose, oats also increase energy levels, so you have more endurance to exercise and stay active. Additionally, it also helps regulate digestion. A couple of side effects may include bloating & flatulence.