Multigrain Adai

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Table of Contents

How This Helps

Useful for: Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes, cholesterol -lowering
Adai is traditionally a breakfast dish which is a form of a thick savory multigrain crepe. It can prepared by combining a variety of whole grain cereals and split lentils. Combination of whole grain cereals and lentils makes this dish fiber and protein rich. In addition, it will keep you satiated and help maintain blood sugar levels. 

Calories – 241 kcal
Fat – 3.1g
Protein – 10.5g
Carbohydrates – 42.5g
Total Dietary Fiber – 3.78g


Key Ingredients:
Red Lentils, Brown Rice, Green Gram Lentils, Black Gram Lentils, Pigeon Pea Lentils 
Adai dish originated from south part of India from Tamil Nadu. You can find recipe for Adai on lot of Indian blog websites. I love the recipe done on the blog at: http://www.yummytummyaarthi.com/2012/07/multi-grain-adai-dosa-crepes-with-multi.html

Science and Research

2 adais make 1 serving that provides 241 kcals, 10.5g of protein and 3.71g of dietary fiber.

recent review in Mediterranean Journal of Nutrition Metabolism talks
about importance and benefits of lentils in your diet. Lentils are known
to be a good source of proteins, complex carbohydrates and low in fat
content and have low glycemic index. .  Glucose-lowering effect of
lentils have shown to help maintain blood glucose levels.

Lentils have a
significant amount of all B-complex vitamins as well as natural sources
of phytosterol. Research has shown that Phytosterol helps to maintain
elevated cholesterol levels in the blood. Adai dish provides combination
of whole grains and a variety of lentils that is low in fat that
provides complete nutrition. 

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