Cracked Wheat or Rava Puttu

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This is one of my grandma’s signature dishes. She usually makes this with regular rava and sugar. I have made a different version with wheat rava and Splenda. This is a common evening snack for us or packed up for breakfast during my school days.  These days I make this sugar-free version for weekend breakfast for something different and healthy.



Wheat rava, 1 cup

Any sugar-free sweetener like Splenda, ¼ cup or more according to taste. Even palm sugar can be added here

Salt, a pinch

Cardamom powder, ¼ teaspoon

Grated coconut, 1-2 tablespoons (optional)

Ghee and cashews for garnishing, 1 teaspoon, (optional)

Hot water for mixing


Add the wheat rava to a bowl and add some salt and mix it well. Start adding the water little by little and keep mixing the rava until the rava absorbs some moisture. The consistency for the raw puttu batter should not be too wet.  It should still be free flowing. Let it soak for 10 minutes and steam the batter in a puttu maker or idli molds. I poured the mixture onto to a damp cloth and then spread on idli molds and steamed it for 12-15 minutes. Once the puttu is cooked, add the sweetener, cardamom powder, and grated coconut and mix everything well. Serve puttu by itself or with banana slices for a complete meal.

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