Sample Diet Plan for a day for Kidney Disease – Stage 1

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How This Helps

The diet plan helps to regulate and control cholesterol, sodium and blood sugar levels. The normal caloric intake for one with CKD is approximately 2000-2600 calories depending on appetite. Maximum potassium intake per day should be 2000 mg. Sodium levels should not exceed 4000 mg per day. Protein consumed should be anywhere from 800 mg. to 1000 mg daily. Only 130 mg of sugar should be consumed on a daily basis. 

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Science and Research

This particular meal plan has daily calorie consumption: 2433 calories, (1728 grams potassium, 482 grams sodium, 99.4 grams of protein, 143 carbs, 31 grams sugar)

Type of Foods:

Foods which contain low levels of potassium, sodium and protein. Also foods with very little sugar.


Calorie Count: Within  2000-2600 RDA

Grams of Protein: 800-1000 mg

Sodium: 1000-4000 mg daily

Potassium: 2000 mg daily

Sugar: 130 grams per day

Breakfast: 1 Flax Muffin with jam with 2 slices of pineapple and 1 cup of dandelion tea sweetened with honey

Nutrition: 498 calories, 280 mg potassium, 33 mg sodium, 53 grams carbs., 9.39 grams fiber

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