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What is Network Spinal Analysis?

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is unlike anything you might have experienced before unless you already had Network Chiropractic. It’s a particular chiropractic technique that’s part of the Reorganizational Healing Model. This technique differs from other chiropractic techniques because there’s not any twisting or cracking of the backbone. It’s gentle and extremely effective. It’s safe for all kinds of people, from infants and children all the way to people in their later adult phase of life.

Network Spinal Analysis is a lesser-known method in-network chiropractic care and connects the nervous system to free the tension around the spine. Dr. Donald Epstein is the first-ever person who introduced Network Spinal Analysis in the 1980s, which is now utilized by thousands of healthcare practitioners around the world. The purpose of his research was to bring out an understanding of how the spine and spinal cord play a pivotal role in healthcare. Besides, many well-known universities across the world have studied Network Spinal analysis more closely for its impressive contribution to health and awareness. {Ref. 1,3}

Network chiropractic doctors exclusively practice NSA to find out the self-regulation in spinal tension. For the wellness and self-awareness of the patients, practitioners often combine spinal refinement and their clinical assessments.

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How does Network Spinal Analysis work?

Epstein evolved his clinical conventions through light touches around the spine. He believed the spine has the local and global response to stress. He also added that those stress could be predicted, and the long-term chronic stress is anchored in the structure of the spine. Acute or chronic stress are the reasons behind the problem called “Adverse Mechanical Cord tension.”

He demonstrated that unique spinal waves are associated with the Network spinal analysis protocols and can create unstable tension. Through his three decades of research, he found that NSA has an essential role in the stability of the spine, and NSA care can contribute to healthcare. [4]

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How does Network Spinal analysis help wellness?

In many articles and research papers by Donald Epstein, it was seen that patients who were under care for the longest time possible, also benefited in wellness. Network Spinal analysis works on the cure and is different from the traditional chiroptic treatment. The NSA chiropractic treatment focuses upon the malfunctioning nervous system, which is causing tension and is the root of the problem.

The brain receives a signal from all the body parts through the nervous system. The nervous system itself also carries the pain signals from the spine to the brain. The spinal network analysis practitioners believe that nerve interference causes many health problems. The nervous system is also responsible for converting mental and physical stress into tension. The tension gets stored in the spine and causes misalignment. Thus, the higher the stress, the more tension occurrence in the spinal area.[2]

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How is Network Spinal Analysis done?

The chiropractic care stays a few steps further with the Network Spinal Analysis. The treatment approach tries to work on the mental level, instead of the physical level. NSA helps in improving the communication between the body and the nervous system. It also helps in expelling pain. The primary treatment procedure of NSA is to touch the soothing parts of the body very lightly. It allows your brain to create connections with the spot. The brain then tries to overcome the tension by connecting those spots with peaceful areas. Your body starts to respond automatically whenever your body or brain experiences stress.

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Steps of Network Chiropractic care near me

The Network Spinal analysis is done through a few levels which produce new abilities to make healthier choices of making life better. The spinal and neural integrity improves through two spinal “healing waves.” It also helps you in advancing the quality of your life.[3]

Level: 1- Basic Care

The goal of the first level or primary care is to enhance the flexibility and recovery of the spine. It also promotes a better movement of the spine. The step helps in releasing the spinal system from the major holding patterns and restore natural spinal curves. The patients can experience a fullness in breathing from one end to another. You can expect to see a change in the ranges and motions of the spine and develop Somatorespiratory “healing.”

What can I notice in-network chiropractic near me?

When you start Chiropractic clinics near you can observe a change in spinal musculature, and how your body is responding with the adjustments. You can also see the difference in your respiration. And posture in spinal curves. You can encounter with the spots where the tensions are stored and the areas of discomfort and ease.

Level: 2- Intermediate Care

In the next level, your spine starts adapting with the emotional, mental, physical, and chemical stress. The intermediate level of NSA tries to correct more chronic spinal distortions and develop Somatopsychic “healing” wave.

What can I expect from Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic Near me?

You can notice a connection between all the spinal regions during this level of NSA. The spinal tension gets reduced through spontaneous movements during and after the adjustment. Different levels of subluxation patterns begin to surface and get revealed. Stress and symptoms form relationships, such as respiration and stress. You can feel a high awareness of the connection between all your body parts and the brain. The areas which seem to be asleep can feel awakened too.

Level:3- Advanced Care

The advanced strategies of Network Spinal analysis aids in healing while creating new plans for the brain to adapt to stress rapidly and connecting the natural rhythms of the body. The patients can experience the world and greater wellbeing. In the advanced level, along with the Somatopsychic “healing” wave, respiratory healing waves are also developed.

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