Natural Gallbladder Cleanse & Detox Recipe

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How This Helps

Are you looking for ways to flush out toxins from your liver and whole body? Detoxifying your body by flushing out harmful toxins out from your body may help prevent you from various health-related disorders. Everything you eat, drink, breathe, and absorb into your body is purified and detoxified by your liver. 

Everyday our body is exposed to harmful pollutants and chemicals which our liver sometimes cannot eliminate or detoxify. This harmful chemical accumulates over time in our body due to the inability of the liver to flush out toxins from your body.

Gallbladder bile flush steps

Steps in gallbladder flush:

Flushing out the toxins through the biliary ducts of the liver and gallbladder is considered to be essential for having good health. Liver and gallbladder flush is dated back to the year 1882 and 1885, where the use of olive oil to flush gallbladder toxins was first introduced in the British Medical journal. 

Liver and gallbladder flush is also mentioned in Ayurveda, where ghee is indicated along with the lemon juice for detoxifying the body. Thus, maintaining the normal functioning of the liver and gallbladder.  

The basic Five Steps to be followed before performing Safe Liver & Gallbladder Bile flush:

One should consider focussing on the following parameters before undergoing Liver & Gallbladder Bile flush, which include:

1. Not consuming processed and packaged foods rich in carbohydrates and fats. Also, avoid overeating of proteins.

2. Organic foods and food pesticides should also be avoided for the safe flush.

3. If you avoid consuming such foods, your Liver function test, decongested gallbladder, and bile/pancreatic ducts functions will slowly start to restore.

4. Tummy Tenderness Test should be undertaken from time to time.

5. The above four steps can yield a comfortable and successful finish of a 4-day Ayurvedic process of cleansing. 

6. The Liver & Gallbladder bile flush should be performed after the successful completion of the steps 1-4.

Precautions in gallbladder flush

Precautions needed during the process of flushing:

• Chronically ill patients, individuals with severe gallstones, or any kind of gallbladder disease are not fit for liver and gallbladder to cleanse

Pregnant or nursing women should also avoid undergoing liver or gallbladder flush.

Natural gallbladder cleanse recipe

Liver and gallbladder flush can be carried out through the various products mentioned below:

Coffee Enemas.

Coffee Enemas can be used to flush out the toxins from the body by cleansing the intestines and detoxifying the blood. Coffee enemas help dilate the bile ducts and facilitate the excretion of the toxic bile directly through the liver, gallbladder, and also from the small intestine.2.


Reishi is an ayurvedic herb that is specially fermented through the extract of mycelial mushroom. This herb helps the liver to get rid of all the chemical toxins from the body. This herb promotes the production of bile from the liver and synthesis of fatty acid. It constitutes a special factor called ganodosterone that promotes the advancement of Phase I and Phase II detoxification of the liver. The consistency of the herb Reishi is more “fluffy” and very less concentrated than other nutrients. This is why it may be necessary to take a larger number of capsules (i.e., at least 15 a day).3.

Gallbladder ND:

This is a specially prepared formula that consists of nanosized Gold Coin Grass (Lysimachia, Jin Qian Cao), a Chinese herb famous for gallbladder cleanse. This formulation is taken before beginning a gallstone cleanse that enhances the softening of gallstones. It helps to clear the stagnant waste directly from the gallbladder. It also promotes gallbladder contraction, thus enhancing the release of gallstones from the gallbladder.4. 

Apple Juice:

Apple juice is known as an excellent source of malic acid, which has a strong cleansing effect. An individual should make sure to drink apple juice in little quantities as excessive quantities may cause diarrhea, and bloating. Individuals who are sensitive and cannot tolerate the stronger effects of the apple juice can dilute the juice with a sufficient quantity of water. The malic acid present in apple juice acts as a solvent to weaken the adhesions between the gallstones in order for them to be easily flushed out through the body.5.

A mixture of Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate):

Epsom salts will help in the dilation of the bile ducts in the preparation of the body for the removal of the stones. It will sometimes also work as a tonic, which helps in clearing the stagnant waste from the liver and the bowels. An individual may feel the urge to have a bowel movement also in most of the cases after ingesting the drinks.1,6

Olive oil and lemon juice:

Liver and gallbladder flush by olive oil and lemon juice not only promote flushing of harmful toxins out from the body but also promotes passage of gallstones. Consuming olive oil and lemon juice at specified intervals throughout the day can remove the toxins and gallbladder stones through diarrhea and abdominal pain. If an individual has gallstones, they can observe multiple soft green or brown spheroids passing into the feces.1,6.


The liver or gallbladder flush can be carried out naturally by various ingredients that can be found at home. The ingredients used can flush out the toxins from the body and promote better bile flow. This, in turn, can help you maintain good health and keep you away from diseases. However, one should also consider using these ingredients in limited quantity as it may cause diarrhea bloating and other side effects.


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