Lowering Your Cholesterol with Diet Plan

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How This Helps

High cholesterol is unhealthy as it interferes the normal functioning of the body. When blood cholesterol rises then heart is pressurized to pump more times than usual. If it’s not been rectified at initial stage then might be hazardous for the health.

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Science and Research

Objective of giving low cholesterol diet-
The diet should be low calorie and low fat for weight loss (if required) or to maintain healthy weight.
The objective is to regulate cholesterol levels in the body by eating well calculated diet which is high in fiber, 20% of total protein, 20% of total calories, 20% of total fat, carbohydrate 60% of total calories.
Points to remember-
1)Exercise every day.
2)Drink plenty of water 3-4lit/day.
3)Eat fruits instead of juices.
4)Consume white meat example: chicken, fish.
5)Include variety of colors of fruits and vegetables.
6)Avoid deep fry.
7)In dry fruits one can have walnuts and almonds as they have favorable fatty acid.
8)Consume double or single toned milk.
9)Sweets to be consumed in moderation.
Garlic- The use of garlic in north Indian food is very common. Besides the medical benefits it’s been used as taste enhancers. The constant use of garlic is very healthful as it has blood pressure lowering and lipid lowering effect.
Ginger- Ginger also is very commonly in north Indians food. It has many benefits such as reducing inflammation, reducing nausea, vomiting, and motion sickness. It’s also beneficial for heart health and lowering cholesterol.
BF- Sprouts, milk
Cal- 83kcal , protein – 7gm, carbohydrate- 14.1gm, Fat- 0.32
Sprouts are very beneficial.  It is low in calorie, Vit C & K rich, regulates blood cholesterol, helps in detoxification of blood
Mid- Morning- Fruits (Apple, Pomegranate, Plums), Lemon juice.
Apples, pomegranates, plums are extremely rich source of axtioxidants ( Vit C, K) , flavonoids and dietary fiber. These nutrients help in reducing the risk hypertension, diabetes, heart disease. Also improves the blood cholesterol, electrolyte balance and immune system.
Lunch- Chapaties (3), Rice, Spinach saag, Fish, salad
Cal-376kcal, protein- 17gms, fat- 45gms, carbohydrates- 80gms
Spinach saag is the most delicious dish of the north Indians. Spinach is very good source of antioxidants (Vit A, C, E & K) {these antioxidants will help in combat free radical activities} , calcium, B6 vitamins, iron, magnesium, manganese.
Sweet- Chikki – Cal
Evening- Mushroom Tikka, Salad (cucumber), coconut water
Coconut water is a cool drink which is loaded with vitamins and minerals. The mushrooms are good source of potassium, fiber and Vitamin C.  The intake of mushrooms will help in regulating blood lipids, blood sugar levels, increase the immunity.
Dinner- Chapaties (3), Gujarati dal, vegetable (Potato, peas), salad, curd
Cal- 364kcal, protein- 13gms, fat- 45gms, carbohydrates – 81.4gm
Sweet- Ice cream, apple
Calories- 70kcal, protein- 2gms, carbohydrate- 15gms, fat- NA
1)Wheat bran- 15gm
2)Wheat flour-60gm
3)Carom seeds(ajwain)- few
4)Salt – to taste
5)Fenugreek leaves- chopped and boiled 15gm
6)Skim milk- for making dough
1)Take the flour in a bowl and mix wheat bran properly.
2)Add also cumin seeds, salt, fenugreek leaves in it.
3)From one hand slowly add skim milk and from the other hand start kneading the flour.
4)Once the soft dough is made, divide it in 3 balls.
5)Then with the help of roller pin flatten the ball on the leveled surface in the shape of circle.
6)Cook it on iron plate.
7)Serve hot with curd and mint chutney.
Calories- 106.5kcal, protein- 7gms, carbohydrate- 17.7gms, fat- 5gms.
1)Spinach (palak)- 20gm
2)Red gram dal( Toor dal)- 30gm
3)Turmeric pwd-  a pinch
4)Garlic paste- ¼ tsp
5)Salt- to taste
6)Cumin seeds(Zeera)- few
7)(Asafoetida) Hing- a pinch
1)Wash the spinach properly and chop.
2)Soak the red gram dal for 40 mins.
3)In a pressure cooker put 2ml of oil and heat it.
4)Once oil gets heated, add cumin seeds. It’ll start cracking then add dal, chopped spinach, a pinch of turmeric, salt, garlic paste. And close the lid.
5)Cook it for 15mins.
6)Serve hot with chapaties.
Calories- 130 kcal, protein- 6gms, fat- 5gms, carbohydrates- 30gms
1)Choley- 30gm (boiled)
2)Onion- 1 small chopped
3)Garam masala pwd- ½ tsp
4)Red chillies-1/4 tsp
5)Salt- to taste
6)Ginger, garlic paste- 1 tsp
7)Tomato-1 big( puree)
8)Dhaniya pwd- ½ tsp
9)Turmeric pwd- a pinch
10)Coriander leaves- few chopped finely
1)Soak choley overnight.
2)Pressure cook choley (add salt) for 15mins.
3)In the other pan put 5ml oil and heat it.
4)When oil gets heated then put chopped onion. Once they turn brown add dhaniya pwd, salt, red chillies , ginger garlic paste, a pinch of turmeric pwd. Mix it properly. At last add tomato puree and cook for few mins.
5)Cook the mixture till it leaves the oil.
6)Take 1tsp boiled choley in a separate bowl and mash it properly.
7)Then add the mixture, mashed choley in the rest boiled choley.
8)Add water if necessary and Simmer it for few mins.
9)Transfer to the serving dish and garnish with chopped coriander leaves.
10)Serve hot with chapaties, onion salad, curd
Calories-200.2kcal, Protein- 10 gm, fat- 5gms, carbohydrares-66gms
1)Rice- 30gms boiled
2)Skim milk- 200ml
3)Sugar- 30 gms
4)Green cardamom- 4
5)Almonds- 6
6)Raisins- 6
1)Boil rice and milk in a deep pan.
2)Simmer over low flame. Stir frequently.
3)Cook till milk gets thick.
4)Add sugar, raisin, and crushed cardamoms.
5)Stir properly till sugar gets dissolved.
6)Transfer into serving dish and garnish with almonds.
7)Serve it hot/cold

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