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Does homeopathy work for allergies?

There are in excess of 50 million people in the US who are affected by allergies, according to the US CDC. Many allergy sufferers believe they have only two options when they are struck with symptoms- only suffer, or take an OTC medicine that communicates warnings about side effects. Luckily, there is a third choice – homeopathic medications. Boiron’s line of homeopathic allergy medications works naturally with your body to offer relief without causing drowsiness or interacting with other drugs.

For many, seasonal allergies may feel painful, suffocating, or just like a cold that lasts all season long. The best time of year is often full of anticipation and weighing the pros, cons of decongestants. Luckily, homeopathic medicine is a natural and reliable alternative to not just address seasonal symptoms but with long-term maintenance experience a complete eradication of allergies.

Hay fever is characterized by coughing, runny nose, watery eyes, itching, congestion, eyes and nose, and sinus pressure. It might be more accurately characterized by the pockets stuffed with cells, the constant tossing and turning as the nasal congestion moves out of one nostril to the other, exhausting fits of coughing. The following list of the best indicated and dependable homeopathic remedies to keep on hand this allergy season.

Causes of Allergies

Causes of Hay Fever or Allergic Rhinitis

Among the most common cause of hay fever is an allergy to plant, grass, or tree pollens. However, identical symptoms may result from inhaling fungal spores, dust, or animal hair. When the hay fever symptoms are seasonal, the appearance’s timing is based upon the dust type that causes an allergic reaction in the victim. The initial pollens to appear annually are tree pollens, leading to hay fever in early spring, depending upon how severe the winter was. Later in the season, grass pollens look for a brief period; they are subsequently followed by ragweed pollen.

Fungal spores are abundant in the atmosphere from mid summers until late autumn. The most likely allergens present in the atmosphere throughout the year may also lead to problems from time to time and appear to cause seasonal symptoms.

Allergies symptoms

Common Symptoms of Hay Fever

– Sneezing

– Itching in the nose

– Itching of the soft palate

– Runny or watery nose

– Watery eyes

– Congestion in the nose

– Burning eyes

– Itching of eyes

– Redness and swelling of eyes

– Postnasal drip

Homeopathic remedies for allergies

Homeopathic remedies have to be personalized by a qualified homeopathic practitioner and are not intended to be a self-medication therapy. Consult a practitioner for personalized treatment.

Arsenicum album: A watery, runny, burning nose with a stuffy, tickling feeling during allergy attacks indicates a need for this remedy. Swelling under the eyes and a wheezy cough are common. The person may feel chilly, restless, nervous, and can be exhausted.

Gelsemium: This remedy is for A tired, droopy feeling during allergies with a flushed and heavy-feeling face indicate a need for this remedy. A feeling of dryness or swollen membranes may be felt within the nose, or the nose may run with irritating watery discharge, together with the individual sneezing frequently. Aching in the back of the neck and head, a tingling sensation, and chills along the spine are usually seen when an individual needs Gelsemium.

Natrum muriaticum: This treatment relieves runny nose alternating with periods of tingling and tingling from the nasal cavity. Profuse, watery nasal discharge, like egg-white, lasting one to three times afterward becomes stopped up and hard to breathe. Stuffiness alternates with the runny nose; lack of taste and odor. Hammering aggravation above eyes; swollen eyelids; itchy inner corners of eyes

Allium cepa: This remedy is for those with watery eyes and a clear nasal discharge that irritates the upper lip, sneezing, and a tickling cough. The individual usually is thirsty, and feels better in the fresh air and worse indoors if rooms are hot. Eyes and nose run like a faucet. Violent coughing with profuse, watery, acrid discharge; upper lip can swell from bothersome mucus. Bland tears from the eyes. Eyes sensitive to light; coughing worse when entering a warm room, runny nose with cough, hoarseness, and headache; frontal headache

Sabadilla: Violent fits of sneezing, from itching, tingling, tickling inside the nose with profuse, watery nasal discharge

Itching of soft palate; sensitive to scents. Dry mouth but thirstless. Extended paroxysms of coughing, a feeling of a lump in the throat, itching in the nose with bothersome runny discharge, and watery eyes will all suggest a need for this remedy. The individual may feel nervous about allergy attacks, and trying to focus can cause nausea or headache.

– Wyethia: This remedy is for intolerable itching felt on the roof of the mouth and behind the nose, sometimes extending to the throat and ears suggests using the remedy. Everything in the individual’s mind feels dry and irritated, but the nose may still be runny. Intense itching of the soft palate, forced to scratch it with a tongue which leads to”clucking,” but that doesn’t alleviate. Extreme dryness of nose, throat, and mouth; dry throat despite salivation. Itchiness of eyes, nose, ear canals, skin, and palate. Profuse, burning, acrid nasal discharge. Continuous, hard hawking; throat feels bloated; constant desire to swallow ropy saliva to alleviate dryness

– Dulcamara: Constant sneezing; profuse nasal discharge and tearing in the eyes, particularly worse in August, as summer changes into fall. Nose completely stopped up in cold moist; aggravation from stoppage of rectal discharge. A sudden weather shift from hot to cold. Exposure to freshly cut grass

– Ferrum phosphoricum

This remedy is useful in the early stages of any inflammation. Taken when allergy symptoms begin, it often slows or stops an event. Symptoms include facial flushing, watery nose, runny eyes with a burning or gritty feeling, and short, hard, tickling cough.

– Kali Bichromicum

This remedy is for indicated for greenish-yellow mucus from nose and throat that is thick and stringy, hard to neutralize

Thick postnasal drip with regular hawking; profuse, watery, bothersome nasal discharge/postnasal trickle. Dry nose with aching fullness in nasal bones and sinuses

– Euphrasia: This remedy is helpful for people with swollen eyes and irritated with acrid tears or pus. Symptoms are worse in the daytime and worse from heat, and the eyes may hurt from too much light. The nose runs, but with a blander discharge. The individual may also have a cough in the daytime, which enriches night. This remedy is suited for profuse, acrid, tears from the eyes and bland nasal discharge (reverse of Allium cepa) Eyes water constantly; regular blinking; photophobia; dryness and violent itching of eyes; watering eyes,  burning, swollen eyelids. Sticky mucus on the cornea;

– Pulsatilla: Profuse, thick, creamy, yellowish-green, dull nasal discharge/postnasal trickle. Stuffy nose, worse warm area, indoors, lying down, better walking in the open air. Frequent sneezing; sore nostrils, wings of nose raw. Red, itchy, swollen eyelids; profuse lachrymation. Weeps quite readily; sensitive; changeable moodiness; clingy neediness

Apis mellifica: This treatment relieves nasal congestion with stinging pain, enhanced by cold air.

Galphimia glauca: This homeopathic remedy relieves spasmodic sneezing from hay fever.

Histaminum: This treatment relieves all symptoms from the allergic origin.

Kali iodatum: This treatment relieves burning nasal discharge, particularly if there’s a sense of constriction at the base of the nose.

Nux vomica: This treatment relieves hay fever, which tends to happen in the early morning, upon waking, with spasmodic sneezing.


Single medicines like Apis mellifica, Euphrasia Officinalis, Galphimia glauca, Histaminum hydrochloricum, and Natrum muriaticum are a few of the most popular to have available during allergy season to help alleviate symptoms like irritated eyes, hay fever, and a runny nose. Consult with a certified homeopathic to get personalized treatment for allergies.


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