Forskolin-Alternative for Easy and Healthy Weight Loss

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Table of Contents

How This Helps

Forskolin  is the weight  loss formula that  has been made from a  plant of the mint family, called  Coleus or popularly known as Indian  Coleus found in countries like Nepal and Thailand. Indian Coleus has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for various  treatments as well. The prime function of this plant is increasing the hormone sensitive lipase; which is basically an enzyme  that is used to put a check on weight increase. This hormone sensitive lipase actually triggers the release of thyroid hormones,  which in turn burns down unwanted fat and calories. 

To be precise about exactly about Forskolin benefits; it helps in breaking down the fat tissues. In addition, it also helps with building of muscles and thus this formula has been recognized as  a bodybuilding supplement as well. Till date, there have been two distinct studies regarding the weight loss characteristic of Forskolin. One of these studies was a sponsored research from an eminent herbal supplement manufacturing company and the other one was independent and published in the medical journal.

Science and Research

Forskolin Benefits for Healthy Weight Loss:

According to various studies conducted till date, Forskolin is proved to inhibit the growth of cells and survival of colon cancer. It is able to treat conditions like allergies, sexual disorders in men, convulsions and skin conditions like eczema. There are instances where optometrists made use of various forms of Forskolin in treating glaucoma.

Besides the mentioned medical uses, Forskolin is known to reduce the burning effect under Ultra Violet lights, remission from urinary tract infections and most importantly, intravenous usage  of this formula has shown a great result in lessening the symptoms related to heart 

failure.  Prevention  of asthma attacks  by relaxing the muscles  around the lungs and bronchial tubes, rapid reduction of belly fat are two other proven benefits of Forskolin. According to health statistics, people suffering from obesity using Forskolin as a dietary supplement have 

been successful in healthy weight loss within a period of 3 months.

How does Forskolin work on your body?

How does Forskolin work on your body?

If  you are  using Forskolin  as a dietary supplement,  you will experience loss of  appetite, increase in your metabolism,  increase in the level of testosterone as  well as a decrease in triglycerides and cholesterol levels. All these mentioned effects will lead to weight loss and is 

generally considered easy and healthy way to lose weight. In addition, Forskolin benefits also include lower the blood pressure. 

Cons of Forskolin:

The main  negative aspect  of Forskolin is the  bleeding disorders caused  by the extracts of Coleus plant. It is thus not recommended for people having heart problems as the formula is most likely to accelerate the disorders. The increase in strength of heart beat results into 

lower blood pressure and this may lead to fainting or excessive dizziness in some people.

Medical practitioners do not suggest the use of Forskolin for the patients who are about to go through  any surgery as this supplement is most likely to cause increased bleeding. As mentioned; the ingredients in Forskolin increase the level of testosterone and thus can have 

absolutely  opposite effects  on women. Conditions  like excess weight gain,  distortion of figures, hirsutism, acne and balding will be seen when Forskolin is used by women.

How to use Forskolin safely and coleus forskohlii side effects?

To make Forskolin safe for your health, it is necessary that you choose the particular formula of Forskolin that does not contain any extra ingredients. Use the extract that is made with 10% coleus forskohlii and limit the dose and consult with your naturopath. 

Many  medical  practitioners  across the country  have spoken in favor  of Forskolin as they consider  this product to be effective, healthy  and safe way for weight loss. From the scientific point of view, Forskolin brings hope to the people who have not been successful with other weight loss methods. But, it must be kept in mind that unsupervised used use of Forskolin  can cause severe damage to your health. Thus, it will be best to use it after consulting your physician.