Collagen for hair growth benefits

collagen for hair growth

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Collagen plays a crucial role in keeping your body in shape. They’re likewise thought to improve hair development. But does collagen for hair growth work if taken in diet or supplement form? What about biotin, another supplement recommended commonly? Based upon clinical research studies, it seems that collagen has a much better claim to improving the condition and growth of your hair. However, both can be used for well-rounded nutrition and many health benefits, including promoting hair regrowth.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a complex, insoluble, and fibrous protein that makes up one-third of the healthy protein in the body. It is the most available protein in the human body. It is the material that holds the body together. Collagen creates a scaffold to give toughness and structure. Collagen is present in the muscles, bones, vertebral discs, teeth, corneas, and capillaries, keeping these parts well lubricated and moist.

Endogenous collagen is natural collagen manufactured by the body. Exogenous collagen, on the other hand, is synthetic as it comes from an external source, such as supplements. In the majority of collagens, the molecules are packed together to create long, thin fibrils. These serve as sustaining structures as well as anchor cells per other. They provide skin toughness and elasticity.

There are different types of collagen with various frameworks and features. The collagens in the body are robust and also adaptable. One type of collagen fibrils is exceptionally efficient in being extended.

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The role of Collagen

Collagen is a healthy protein that acts as one of the primary foundations for bones, skin, hair, muscular tissues, ligaments, and tendons. Collagen is what maintains our skin from drooping, giving us that plump, youthful appearance. Your body naturally makes collagen, but this manufacturing reduces with age.

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Beginning in our mid-20s, we gradually start to lose collagen. Women can lose approximately 30% of collagen manufacturing in the first five years of menopause. Because human beings lose collagen as they age, many utilize collagen supplements as part of an anti-aging appeal routine. Collagen might advertise healthy and balanced hair in a variety of methods.

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How Collagen for hair growth works

Similar to biotin and daily scalp massages, collagen is a buzzword you may have seen sprayed with hair development. Collagen is a natural antioxidant responsible for regenerating hair follicles. Stress, smoking cigarettes, alcohol, and air contaminants can damage hair follicles, resulting in hair loss. Collagen aids neutralize these complimentary radicals.

Collagen helps with hair growth in various other ways. Collagen is broken down in our bodies into amino acids, that are utilized to develop brand-new healthy proteins and other substances. Considering that your hair is mainly composed of a healthy protein called keratin, your body uses numerous amino acids to build it. Yet right here’s the key, many of these amino acids are located in collagen. This means that collagen aids in fostering hair development by nurturing hair wellness.

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Collagen for hair growth benefits

  • Moisturizes hair

In collagen supplements, collagen sustains a healthy and balanced digestive tract to protect and heal the gut lining and bring about optimum protein absorption making hair look healthy.
Collagen in everyday supplements works in synergy with components like hyaluronic acid to sustain, moisturize, and restore the structure of the dermis of the skin and the environment bordering the hair follicle. This also sustains the blood vessels in the dermis, which allows for better diffusion of nutrients to the hair follicle leading to moisturized hair.

  • Promotes Hair Growth

Both influence the honesty of collagen– the natural slowdown of collagen production and the sped-up reduction of collagen from points like sun damage, alcohol, and excess sugar in our diet all contribute to the breakdown of the framework of our skin, hair, and nails.
In addition to the malfunction of collagen, hair loss mainly can also be brought on by iron deficiency, auto-immune diseases, low thyroid, hormone inequalities, and also the natural production of the hormonal agent dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which can create hair to expand back thinner and also delicate if made over.

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The usage of a daily collagen supplement can likewise aid in hair regrowth, as hair wellness starts from within.

  • Increases Elasticity
    Collagen is an amino acid, and also hair follicle cells utilize amino acids to produce keratin protein which advertises hair development, stamina, and flexibility.
    Collagen helps to reinforce the hair and flexibility and boosts its total top quality. You also get the added advantages of Omegas 3 and six, which are fantastic for hydrating hair.
  • Restores the Follicle

Collagen aids with hair development and also hair regrowth, given that it is an all-natural anti-oxidant. Typically, complimentary radicals are created utilizing metabolic procedures. These free radicals harm the hair follicles and also lead to loss of hair. Collagen neutralizes the free radicals, enabling hair to expand.

Collagen For Hair Growth Daily Needs

You must first determine how much collagen your body needs if you are inclined to make collagen a part of your daily routine. As everybody’s type is different, the requirement of collagen also differs. For instance, If you are under stress, you may lose collagen much faster. But if you are working out regularly, you tend to break down collagen faster. Relying on your body’s needs, you can change collagen requirements.

While identifying the collagen amount you want to intake, consider your dietary sources also. Salmon packs a rich source of structure collagen. If you are a regular salmon eater, readjust your collagen supplement intake appropriately.

If you are trying to find collagen supplements, choose the unflavored and pure form of collagen. Your medical professional can recommend you on the collagen supplement dosage after reviewing how much collagen your body is breaking down and also just how much healthy protein you are intaking from your dietary resources.

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Which Supplement Is Better for Hair Growth?

Biotin and collagen are frequently advised by skin doctors and hair experts since each supplement promotes advantages for the hair, skin, and nails. They work differently from each other, and collagen is believed to be much better for hair growth. Preferably, you need to take both collagen and biotin if you wish to support strong hair, skin, and nail growth.

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How To Add Collagen To Your Diet

One common reason for alopecia is poor nutrition. Health issues and nutrient shortages can develop if individuals don’t have adequate protein, important vitamins, and carbs in their bodies that make hair-growth hormones. A Collagen-rich diet should include the following foods:
Bone broth
Nuts and beans
Dairy products

Chicken, Beef, Pork

Egg whites
Soy products
Berries, Tomatoes
Dark leafy green vegetables
Spinach, sweet potatoes, and other vitamin A-rich foods
Citrus fruits and other vitamin C-rich foods
Fatty fish like sardines or salmon

Ayurvedic Tips for Hair Growth

Ayurveda views hair as a direct extension of your bone tissue (marrow), and it is likewise connected to the central nervous system and gut. This indicates any weakness in the bone tissue, nervous system, and digestion system will naturally result in hair loss or reducing hair growth.

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You can resolve your underlying dosha imbalance or physiological imbalance by evaluating your hair texture and the type of hair problems you have. Ayurveda recommends a few methods to treat your scalp and hair with warm oils.

  • Shirodhara: ‘Shiro’ refers to the head, and ‘Dhara’ implies flow. Shirodhara stimulates the pineal gland (master endocrine gland according to Ayurveda) and balances the endocrine system. Shirodhara also boosts the melatonin release, enhancing the state of peace, providing relaxation, and easing insomnia. It is very much advised when the significant factor responsible for your hair fall is stress.
  • Shiro Abhyanga: ‘ Shiro’ refers to Head while Abhyanga describes massage. It involves rubbing hair and shoulders with Ayurvedic herbal medicinal oils. It helps to nourish your hair, relax your mind, and eases you from physical and mental stress.
  • Scalp Massage: Many naturals have been using scalp massages to increase the blood circulation to the hair roots, rejuvenate the roots and condition the scalp. The hair roots are the only “alive” part of our hair and are made up of hyper stem cells. This implies thicker and more powerful hair in time.

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  • Hair care with Ayurvedic herbal shampoo
    Ayurveda provides you with effective and natural hair growth shampoos/cleansers without harmful chemicals that can clog your roots and stop your hair development.

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The following are natural herbs with cleaning action, which Ayurveda recommends in hair growth shampoos:

– Hibiscus Leaves And Flowers.

– Aloe Vera

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– Shikakai (Soap Pod).

– Triphala Churna.

  • Expert Ayurvedic Therapies: Basti is the process of enema with medicated herbal oils or solutions is one of the best solutions to calm Vata Dosha in the colon. Ayurvedic medications are offered rectally to balance the Vata in the colon, in turn, keeps the health of bone tissues and hair. These two specific Ayurvedic treatments need to be administered by a certified and experienced Vaidya.

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  • Scalp Scrubbing.
    Scrubbing cleans your scalp by getting rid of dead cells, residue, and other toxins build up due to pollution and hazardous hair products. It likewise promotes excellent blood flow and hair development.

Some home remedies with active ingredients which can be used for scalp scrubbing are as follows:
Methi (Fenugreek) powder.
A mixture of Onion and honey
A mixture of black pepper and newly chopped ginger (minor inflammation is anticipated).

A mixture of sugar and honey.

  • Other Supplements For Hair Growth.
    As talked about above, balanced levels of numerous nutrients are necessary for strong, healthy, and long hair. Apart from hair development vitamins (A, B, C, D, Biotin, and so on), you need minerals like Copper, Silica, Iron, Iodine, Zinc, Selenium, and other nutrients like methionine and lysine to support your healthy hair growth procedure.

When you are not receiving adequate nutrients from your diet, you can provide them through nutritional supplements as they are essential not just for long and healthy hair growth, but for numerous necessary body functions like thyroid and adrenal.

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You can choose herbal supplements, which specify the Dosha imbalance for oral consumption. For instance, if you have a Vata Dosha imbalance, Triphala can be advised as a herbal supplement, enhancing your gastrointestinal fire, aiding gentle bowel detox, and supplying nutrition to your hair roots.

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  • You can consider herbs like Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng-a great tension reliever), which offers terrific assistance to your Adrenal gland. Herbs like Brahmi (Bacopa) can be utilized as both internal and external medications to relieve yourself from tension, with a fringe benefit of boosted focus and recovery from conditions like brain fog. Please consult your Ayurvedic physician before intaking any Ayurvedic herbs as oral medication.


For one, your body may have the ability to utilize the amino acids in collagen to build healthy hair proteins as well as strengthen the skin which contains your hair roots.

It may additionally prevent hair roots damages as well as gray. Nevertheless, research study on the results of collagen on a human hair is restricted.

If you are interested in trying collagen to boost your hair, consider bone brew or supplements that can be mixed right into food or drinks.

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