Ayurvedic Treatment For Ulcerative Colitis

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Table of Contents

What is Ulcerative Colitis?

Ulcerative Colitis (Pittaj Grahani) is an inflammatory bowel and rectal disorder, which causes inflammation and ulceration of the colon and rectum’s internal lining. The inflammation begins in the rectal area and spreads upward into the whole colon. This disorder can occur at any age, but its onset is most common among people between the ages of 15 – 40. Ulcerative colitis also seems to run in some families. Autoimmune factors, allergies, collagen disorders, genetic factors, and disease are a few of the things that cause inflammation in cases of Ulcerative Colitis. According to Ayurveda, all of the aspects that imbalance Pitta are responsible for this issue. These include eating while driving, watching TV or walking, excessive heat or exposure of sunlight, excessive smoking, and alcohol, excessive mental activity, skipping meals or eating contaminated foods.

Ulcerative colitis is a chronic condition of the large intestine, also called the colon. The inflammation in the lining of the colon develops miniature ulcers with mucous and pus. Inflammation and ulcers can cause abdominal discomfort along with frequent emptying of the colon.

Ulcerative colitis is the consequence of an abnormal reaction by the body’s immune system. Typically, the proteins and cells which constitute the immune system protect from disease. In people with IBD, the immune system mistakes bacteria, food, and other substances in the gut for foreign or invading substances. When this mistake occurs, the body sends white blood cells to the lining of the intestines, creating chronic inflammation and ulcers.

The condition typically begins in the rectal area and might involve the entire large intestine with time. Because ulcerative colitis is a chronic illness, symptoms usually develop over time. Ulcerative colitis is a global condition affecting many people all over the world.

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Ulcerative Colitis vs. Crohn’s Disease Difference

What is the difference between Ulcerative Colitis vs. Crohn’s Disease?

Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease share similar symptoms, and they’re both kinds of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Still, they aren’t the same illness, and they affect various regions of the GI tract.

Crohn’s Disease:

– Can impact the full thickness of the bowel wall

– Can affect any part GI (Gastrointestinal) tract

Ulcerative Colitis:

– Just the colon and rectum (also known as the large intestine) are influenced

– Impacts the inner-most lining of the large intestine

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Ayurvedic view of Ulcerative Colitis

Ayurveda perspective of Ulcerative Colitis

Ayurveda is a natural method of healing and health care. According to Ayurvedic medicine, wholesome digestion has an integral role in establishing good health and well-being. When the digestive system fails to work optimally, the body becomes congested, blocking flow and inhibiting movement of toxins from the body. Therefore, individuals must work to establish decent digestion.

According to Ayurveda, Ulcerative colitis can be regarded as ‘Pittaja Grahani.’ In Ayurveda, it’s known that perfect health is present when the three fundamental energies (doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) are in equilibrium. Out of those three, when Pitta dosha becomes imbalanced, vitiates intestines and causes Pittaja Grahani.

Pitta energy fuels all of the biochemical actions, such as transformation, digestion, metabolism, and assimilation. Pitta is responsible for all of the adrenal and adrenal activity, body temperature regulation, pigmentation, vision, intelligence, vitality, ambition, courage, and understanding. The essential qualities of Pitta are hot, fast, light, liquid, spreading, slightly oily, and fleshy smell.

Reasons For Pittaja Grahani disorder are Mandagi (poor appetite and poor digestion), heavy to digest or indigestible foods, irregular, improper and irrelevant diet habits, and junk foods. Reasons also include Pitta Spicy diets such as excess of hot, pungent, acidic, sour, alkaline nature foods, food items that generate burning feeling within the body, exposure to extreme hot climate, alcohol, smoking, and anger. Lack of healthy diet habits (Pathya) in some digestive disorders, especially the states of post diarrhea and irritable bowels, are among the causes of this disorder.

Pittaja Grahani creates the classic symptoms of Ulcerative colitis. When it reaches intense, vitiation of Pitta will cause acute inflammation, ulceration, and rectal bleeding (active stage or flare-up).

Ayurvedic treatment of Ulcerative Colitis

Ayurvedic treatment for Ulcerative Colitis is exceptionally effective. It’s a combination of personalized herbal drugs, lifestyle, and diet plans combined with customized Ayurvedic home remedies for Ulcerative Colitis that addresses the root cause of the issue. The ayurvedic treatment provides an effective remedy for Ulcerative colitis based on the classical principle of Ayurveda. The treatment of Ulcerative colitis is typically centered on healing the ulcers, restoring the colon’s routine use, and maintaining the general health of the digestive tract.

The Ayurvedic holistic reatment entails Shamana chikitsa (internal medications ), Shodana chikitsa (Panchakarma treatment ), lifestyle modifications, and quite a strict diet program. In more severe cases, Panchakarma treatment plays a crucial role as it quickly detoxifies & rejuvenates the digestive tract, controls the inflammation, rectal bleeding, and fixes the ulcerations. Usually, results are extremely good with the Ayurvedic line of treatment. Early cases tend to react quickly than chronic. If an individual can stick to all of the guidelines as advised, even complete treatment may also be achieved.

– Initial stage: Acidity, indigestion, and pain are significant complaints during the first stage of ulcerative colitis. Ayurvedic treatment at this point works on reducing Pitta and Vata that are usually within an aggravated state. Herbal medications are prescribed to improve digestion and handle gut acidity. Ayurvedic home remedies are also prescribed to heal the rectal ulcers.

Connected with bleeding: At the intermediate phase, bleeding can be observed together with the other symptoms. Taking the new complications under consideration, the treatment at this point works primarily to cure the ulcer and decrease bleeding. Dietary restrictions, together with specific lifestyle guidelines, are suggested to minimize bleeding.

– Bleeding related to weight loss: At this point, digestion becomes severely diminished, combined with reduced food intake causes sudden weight loss. Additionally, loss of blood causes fatigue. Ayurvedic therapy for this stage concentrates on strengthening the nervous system. Unique ulcer healing herbal formulations are given together with precise dietary guidelines to decrease discomfort. Long term management aids in improving the general quality of life and reducing complications.

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Ayurvedic medicine for Ulcerative Colitis

Ayurvedic medicines for UC (Ulcerative Colitis)

There are many Ayurvedic medicines used in treating ulcerative colitis, and among the most common methods of therapy is to use a mixture of the four finest medications, which work in unison to eliminate the disease.

Vatsakadi churna: Pills created from components like fennel, coriander, Aegle Marmelos, Nutmeg, pomegranate, Green Cardamom, work like magic in treating ulcerative colitis. All of these are ulcer healing products, proven beneficial for ages, and cure quickly. The most important use of a mixture of these herbs is in preventing the metabolic imbalance carried within the body. The ulcers are treated soon with their usage, and the body equilibrium is restored.

Pitta equilibrium with calcium chemicals: When Pitta or the gastric juices flow more within the intestines, it contributes to bleeding on account of the ulcers inside, which has to be controlled and balanced. Using calcium-rich Ayurvedic medicines serve the ideal remedy. Calcium is extracted from naturally occurring items like pearls and corals. When the pills made from these calcium compounds are consumed, the inflammation inside the colon goes down, bleeding reduces and slowly ceases, and the internal aggravation diminishes.

Kutazghan Vati: This medication comes from the shrub Kutaz. Its scientific name is Halorrhreana anti dysenteric. The title itself suggests how successful the shrub is in treating the illness. Diarrhea can happen due to a lot of reasons, and one reason is ulcerative colitis. If diarrhea is because of this, then it may be medicated by taking Kutazghan Vati pills, which are made from the bark of this tree.

Arjuna capsules: Among the wound healing barks, really very famous in Ayurveda, is the bark of the Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna) shrub. This helps in several ways to heal wounds, and especially the endothelial layer within the body arteries are treated from injuries associated with free radicals, stress, and other toxins. The very same effects of the Arjuna pills are observed within the inner layers of the intestines. With the ingestion of those pills, while the bleeding also ceases, the ulcers are eliminated with time, and nausea that was because of the inflamed colon heals. Additionally, the hemoglobin level can also be normalized in the body, which was affected because of bloody diarrhea.

Ulcerative colitis is a painful situation but can be healed with appropriate management of Ayurvedic medicines. These essential medications must be taken after consultation with your doctor and the ayurvedic physician. They need to be continued until the symptoms and irritation go away.

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