Ayurvedic Remedies To Boost Immunity

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Ayurveda view of immunity

Immune System to fight against foreign germs and viruses like coronavirus

The Ayurvedic theory of immunity relies on maintaining good health in a balanced, holistic way. It’s referred to as Beej-bhumi, which translates into “seed and soil.” The body is the fertile soil where harmful infections bugs thrive and grow.

If your body is out of balance and full of Ama (the damaging by-products that result from incomplete digestion), viruses and bacteria will overgrow to overwhelm the body’s defense.

Ojas is the energy essential for the human body and mind obtained from ingesting nourishing and pure (sattvic) foods. If digestion is wholesome, Ojas will predominate in our body. Unlike Ama, Ojas has a strengthening effect on your immune system, and when it dominates, the seeds of disorder find it hard to take hold.

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Boost your Agni

Maintain your Agni strong: The digestive tract or Agni is very critical for your wellbeing, and it influences your immunity and immune system capability. The capacity of digestion, assimilation, and absorption of nutrients by the body also determines your immune power. If your Agni becomes diminished because of an imbalance within the tridosha, your metabolism is affected, which may weaken the immune system and body’s natural immunity. Eating food items that are bad for the digestive tract leads to excess ama formation. The toxic environment in the body interferes with the innate intelligence and encoding of every cell. Ayurveda aims at restoring this intelligence component. You can boost your Agni by drinking warm water and ginger tea regularly. Yoga and meditation are essential for boosting immunity, based on Ayurvedic traditions. They assist in reducing stress and positively affect your immune system.

Immunity due to change in seasons

Immunity Is affected by seasonal changes.

According To Ayurveda, seasonal changes tend to have a weakening effect on the body, and we become more susceptible to infections, caused by external germs. The metabolic and digestive systems operate differently in every season. As a result of this, during the transition between one period and another, Agni (digestive fire) can fluctuate dramatically. This can cause incomplete digestion and to the build-up of partially digested food or Ama inside our cells.

If we ignore our diet and do not stick to the appropriate Ayurvedic seasonal guidelines, Ama becomes more toxic and economically becomes ready for the growth of diseases. This is why respiratory ailments and allergies abound in the autumn and early spring.

In the early spring, there’s an excess element. As spring progresses, the weather starts to heat up, and any Ama that has accumulated during winter starts to become mobile. This mobile Ama starts flooding our Shrotas (body channels and micro-channels), and this then overloads our immune system. If our immune system is not so strong, our body becomes a fertile ground for viruses, harmful bacteria, and allergens.

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Ayurvedic medicine for boosting immunity

Immune booster and stamina

Chyawanprash Is a nutritious jam, broadly suggested by Ayurveda, because of its many health benefits. In Sanskrit, Prash means specially prepared food.  Ayurvedic jams contain herbs that work to boost immunity and health. Chyawanprash is a blend of many Ayurvedic herbs, amla, sesame oil, ghee, and honey. Ghee, sesame oil, and honey serve as catalytic agents to take herbs deep into the cells while honey will aid in preventing and preventing the effects of other large ingredients.

Chyawanprash is a powerful immune fortify and aids the body in the production of hemoglobin and white blood cells. Amla, the essential immunity herb in chyawanprash, detoxifies the body and cleanses the liver, spleen, blood, and the lungs. It promotes healthy muscle mass and tones the body.

Chyawanprash can do an incredible job of promoting lung power. It nourishes the mucous membrane and helps in keeping the respiratory passage clean and clear. It is often used as a tonic in winter as it supports natural immunity, lends power, strength, and fight infections by boosting overall health and wellbeing.

Ayurvedic treatments for immune system boost

– Panchakarma cleansing therapy: During Seasons adjustments,  Ayurveda recommends you take the highly effective detox and purification treatments, which are collectively called Panchakarma. Panchakarma treatment is most likely the fastest method to remove the water-soluble and oil-soluble toxins. It consists of :

a) a variety of ayurvedic massages to soften up the cells and tissues, to aid them expelling the toxins accumulated in them, b) heat treatments, including herbal steam baths, are useful in opening up the Shrota channels and help move the poisonous Ama into the circulatory system

c) Nasal and intestinal cleansing treatments to fully expel toxins from the body so that they are not solely re-absorbed.

At the same time as providing your body the complete detox treatment, Panchakarma also strengthens Agni or digestive fire. This ensures that Ama has far less chance to accumulate over these months.

Boost your natural immunity through Ayurvedic diet

Winter may be the ideal time to build up your immune system and promote and nurture your body. In this season, you ought to eat hot and nourishing foods and avoid fasting. It’s Important to eat hot, light foods that are cooked together with the resistance-enhancing spice blends previously mentioned. Avoid eating or drinking anything cold. Cold foods and beverages fill your body with cold Guna or quality. Eating cold foods during cold weather will decrease your physical warmth and your digestive fire, leading to a build-up of Ama. Avoid desserts, such as chocolate, because these are difficult to digest. Begin every day with stewed apple for breakfast, cooked with spices such as cinnamon and cardamom. Consider adding sultanas or raisins to the pot.

– Good sleep: Adequate sleep is particularly important during the Vata season, as it balances the fast, lively, moving qualities of Vata. Sleep can also be vital for all of us in any season as it supports resistance and immunity to disease. Herbal preparations that help with sleep include Ashwagandha herb If you have difficulty falling asleep, this indicates a Vata imbalance, If you wake up frequently, especially between two am, and 4 am (possibly with feelings of energy ), this indicates a Pitta disease. If you sleep completely throughout the evening but still feel tired once you awaken, there is a Kapha disorder.

– Ayurvedic massage: Although a daily oil massage is recommended during the calendar year, throughout the Vata year, it is particularly important. Massage opens the Shrotas or body channels, stimulates the digestive fire, helps remove toxic Ama, and balances the three Doshas. Since the skin is one of the main seats of Vata, massage is very soothing for Vata Dosha. Self oil massage is a significant way of encouraging immunity and preventing respiratory troubles. Massage is not recommended if you already have a cough or other respiratory problems since it will often push the Ama deeper into your system. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha massage oils are herbal oils that permit the oil-soluble ingredients to be absorbed into your skin along with the oil. Both the herbs, in addition to the oils, help balance either Vata, Pitta, or Kapha Dosha. Each could be used according to the season and according to your body type.

– Exercise to boost your Agni: Exercise Is an extremely efficient means to improve Your Agni and Burn poisonous Ama. It’s important to choose the ideal exercise for your body type and for the type of season. Yoga postures and daily walks are great for balancing all of the Doshas and especially suit Vata types. People With Kapha’s body-type are obviously stronger and need more exercise to stay healthy. Water Includes a natural healing quality, so swimming is particularly balancing for individuals with more Pitta inside their system. Exercise Is particularly important during Kapha year since it is when toxins that build up during winter start to flood your body. Exercise can help to boost Agni, and an enhanced Agni with help remove too much poisonous Ama.

– Vata Pitta Kapha balance: Improving Balance is essential. Instead of disease, Ayurveda sees a lack of balance within various facets of the body as the root cause problem that must be addressed. This is a more subtle way of Health, but one which promises fewer side-effects and one that’s gaining greater understanding and acceptance.

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Lifestyle changes for immunity

Lifestyle Recommendations:

• Exercise 30 to 45 minutes each day

• Meditate 20 minutes twice per day

• Massage yourself for 10-15 minutes with sesame oil followed by a hot shower to stimulate blood circulation.

• Get sleep, which means at least 8 hours per night

• Deep belly breathing can help your body’s nervous system encourage your “rest and digest” functions.

Prevent the following:

• Sugar & artificial sweeteners may cause viral outbreaks as viruses like to feed on them

• Dairy products and cold/raw foods or beverages.

• Saturated animal fat from all animal products

• Trans-fatty acids generally found in: margarine, fast food or snack foods, like crisps and frozen dinners.

• Processed and junk food and package foods.

• Deep-fried foods, gluten-containing foods, white bread,

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