Dr. Antonio Traverso, Naturopathic Medicine

Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

 Years of experience  40

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Practice Name Informational Metaquantistics
Specialties Naturopathic Medicine | Nutrition
Conditions Anxiety Disorders | Stress
Language English | Italian | Portuguese
Experience 40
About Me Antonio G. Traverso (ND) writer, naturopath, nutritionist 40 years of experience
Antonio G. Traverso, (aka @DrTraverso, Agostino Torrvane) born in Milan (IT)
I began to take care of Natural Medicine in 1977, when I was a student of Medicine and Surgery. In that year I graduated as a herbalist at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Urbino, I opened one of the first herbalists in Milan, Italy.
After leaving my studies in Medicine and Surgery, I dedicated myself to Natural Medicine. I was a consultant for several Italian companies that imported products of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Food Supplements from the USA (San Francisco and Los Angeles) I became an Iridologist and graduated in Shiatsu and Traditional Medicine.
Graduated in Belgium in Naturopathy (Naturopathic Doctor) and specialized in Italy in Nutrition. I started studying and teaching Informational Quantum Medicine in the years 2006–2011 when this discipline was called Fisiobiocibernetica della Nutrition.
I studied the "Kabbalah" fundamental to understand the fourth plane of existence "Consciousness or Spirit" and thanks to this study Quantum Information Medicine has become Informational Metaquantistics.

I have been living in Brazil since 2012. I write books and I have two blogs on Nutrition and one on Informational Metaquantistics. I am an online consultant of Metaquantistica Informazionale for professionals who use the Theta Healing, Healing Holographic Quantum Memory, Quantum and Energetic Medicine and Access Bars® - Access Consciousness

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