Triangle Pose in Yoga - Trikona Asana for Digestion & Anxiety

Massages the abdominal organs while at the same stimulating blood flow for good digestion. In addition, Triangle pose in yoga pose helps with reinforcement of legs, knees, arms and mid-section. People suffering from back pain and sciatica can also practice this asana and benefit.

Trikona has two words tri means three and kona is a corner or angle in Sanskrit and Hindi. “Three angle posture” is also referred to as Utthita Trikona asana. Uttihita means stretched or extended.

Instructions for Triangle Pose Yoga:

Step 1: Start from a standing position. 

Step 2: Stretch your feet wide as shown in the picture, place your front foot facing forward and your back foot at a 45-degree angle. 

Step 3: Reach your arms out and begin to hinge towards your front foot (placing your hand on a block or the mat if you have space).

Step 4: Rotate your front hip under and gaze up towards your lifted hand.

 Hold for 30 seconds on each side while focusing on your ujjayi breathing, as it is very important for this pose. You should inhale as you take your hand up and twist on the side, and exhale when you bring your hand in the middle for doing yoga triangle pose.


Stay away from this triangle yoga pose if you have high blood pressure, any type of neck and back pain or suffering from migraine.


Research shows that practice of triangle pose in yoga helps to improve appetite and alleviate constipation. It can not only help with digestion but also assist in relieving back pain; helps over come depression and strengthens the lower pelvic area and reproductive organs.

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