Nose breathing exercises for health benefits

Breathing is a non-stop unconscious act that we perform from arrival. Breathing offers necessary oxygen into your body, without which the cells of your own body will quickly perish. The air we breathe is processed through the nose and into the mucus-lined windpipe. The nose performs the filtering function as it is lined with little hairs called cilia. The cilia is a multipurpose workhorse for filtering, humidifying, warming or cooling the air depending on the temperature before it makes an entry into the lungs.  After it leaves the nose, air moves through the windpipe. This is another route to filter out any undesirable particles prior to entering the lungs. When the air finally enters the lungs, the oxygen is pumped into the blood and pumped throughout the body. The lungs also exchange this air leaving the body to carry the carbon dioxide from the cells. When you exhale the air from the lungs, a complete cycle of oxygen-in and the waste of carbon dioxide-out has been completed.

Breathing through the nose is how our bodies were created. According to Ayurveda & Yoga, most individuals breathe at 10-20 percent of the entire capacity. Restricted breathing greatly decreases respiratory function, which then reduces energy levels in the body. Since oxygen is our chief source of life, and exhalation is the major approach to expel toxins from our bodies, bad breathing can promote a large number of health problems.

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