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The efficacy of yoga in alleviating suffering of humans in many medical conditions has been a subject of study in many Universities and medical research centers around the world. The peacock pose is not for beginner yoga lovers. The peacock pose yoga helps to detox your body inside out leaving you full of energy and sex drive.


In Mayurasana or the peacock yoga, you assume the posture of a peacock. Mayura in Sanskrit is the term for peacock, and asana is a yoga pose. Practicing the peacock pose yoga calls for physical strength since the whole weight of your body rests on your navel and you could potentially keep losing balance till you have perfected the asana. 


Step by Step Instructions for Mayurasana:
1. Sit on the heels making sure that your knees are placed wide apart
2. Place the hands on the floor with fingers pointing towards the body
3. Keep the belly firm
4. Stretch the legs out so that the knees are straight
5. Keep your shoulder blades firm and pushed into the back
6. Shift the weight of the body forward and lift the legs off the floor. Your body should now be lifted with its weight on your hands and parallel to the surface.
7. Release from the position by dropping the feet and head to the ground and relax.


Refrain from this pose if you Cervical Spondylitis, high blood pressure, pregnant, or any back problems. Peacock Yoga pose can take up to few weeks to master. Be patient!

Science and Research

Peacock Pose Yoga is associated with 3 major health benefits:
- Improved digestive system,
- Removing excess fat from the abdominal region,
- Improving balance 

Further, Mayurasana also helps in detoxifying the body while enhancing the efficiency of your adrenal glands and kidneys. If you want to get excess fat off your belly, get ready to peacock pose regularly. In addition, practice of Mayurasana helps in diabetes, liver disease and digestion problems. 

In this study, a young girl who underwent two surgeries for GERD could not get any relief from abdominal and chest pain, vomiting, anxiety, weight loss, difficulty in eating and other related issues. The study provides great insight into how a combination of yoga treatments prescribed under the Iyengar yoga reversed all the symptoms and helped the little girl resume her normal life.


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