Introduction to Yoga Asanas and health benefits

Yoga is a lifetime of effort and practice. This article is the first, introducing you to this esoteric world.

Modern Yoga has many interpretations and connotations, but this space will focus on classical yoga as it was taught and practiced in ancient India.

For you, the reader and practitioner, this means that as you follow one article after another, you will step into a world which you will soon realize is universal, where there is no caste, creed, sex, color or religion - only good health and wisdom, a gift is given freely you mankind by the ancient Indian seers.

 You will realize that your growth is in your hands; you can pace your speed of breaking into this magnificent world, assimilate it, and slowly make it part of your life. Once it becomes part of you, it'll never leave you and your wisdom will shine as it did in India, many millenniums ago.

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