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Benefits of Ardha
(Half-plow pose):

Ø  The spinal nerves, nerve roots, and sympathetic nerves
get toned up. The lumbar area becomes supple and elastic.

Ø  The action of stretching and pulling tones and
strengthens the abdominal and lower back muscles.

Ø  The action of holding the legs in place, apart from
exercising the above muscles, also creates intra-abdominal pressure. This
results in strengthening of abdominal muscles and reduction of fat.

Ø  The leg lifting action pulls the buttocks together,
toning up the rectal muscles and sphincter.

Ø  This exercise is good for curing obesity, diabetes,
constipation, and other abdominal concerns. Very good for maintaining the
strength of various muscles in the lower back

Ø  When breathing out, the abdominal walls push the
digestive viscera down, setting up peristalsis. Very good asana for treating
constipation and other ailments of the lower digestive tract.


(Uttana padasana)

Ø  Lie on the back, feet together all the way to the
heels. Breathe in.

Ø  Breathing out, lift the legs up to 45 degrees.

Ø  Hold in place for a few seconds (start with 3 counts
and increase to 6).

Ø  Breathing in, bring the legs back to the ground

Ø  Relax. Breathe normally. Repeat from 3 to 10 times

Technique: Arda

Ø  Perform Uttana padasana,
except, and take the legs to 90 degrees.

Ø  There is no need to hold the legs in position for longer
than 1-2 seconds, enough to reach equilibrium.

Ø  Repeat 3 to 10 times

Ø  To lose weight around the abdomen, perform the
exercise rapidly without allowing the legs to touch the ground. Repeat 6 to 10

Ø  Those with cardiac problems should do this exercise
carefully. Those with lumbar (lower back) problems and hernia should avoid this

Some noteworthy points:

Ø  Keep the knees straight and rigid. During raising of
the legs, this ensures greater pressure on the lower abdominal muscles, inside
thigh (Gracilis and Adductor Longus), knee muscles, especially quadriceps and
hamstring muscles.

Ø  Keep the knees and ankles together. This ensures
symmetry in the movement of the legs and ensures a balanced pressure on the
lower back muscles (left and right of the spine).

Ø  Performing both uttana padasana
and A
rdha Halasana slowly brings
other benefits such as increased intra-abdominal pressure inducing peristalsis,
reduction in adipose tissue and tightening the symmetry of the abdominal

Ardha Halasana benefits & precautions

Ardha Halasana is an easy-to-do, beginner yoga pose. Ardha Halasana is made from three Sanskrit words. "Ardha" indicates "Half," "Hala" indicates "Plow," and "Asana" suggests "Yoga Pose" in English. Once you have mastered the 'Ardha Halasana,' you can try the towards the full-plow or simply the Plow Pose or 'Halasana.' Ardha Halasana or Half Plow Pose considerably crucial as it is considered a must to practice prior to the practice of 'Plough Posture' or 'Halasana.' This yoga asana has actually been known for alleviating several health concerns such as hormonal health, gut health, and blood circulation.

Benefits of Ardha Halasana (Half Plow Pose).

Stimulates abdominal organs.

Lowers stubborn belly fats as well as slim down.

Strengthens abdominal muscles.

Improves gut health & digestion.

Enhances the feature of blood circulation.

Heals menstrual cycle problems.

Heals bloating and eliminates gases.

Good to prevent hernias.

Beneficial to treat joint inflammation as well as back spondylosis.


Ought to exercise under specialist guidance.

Those experiencing an extreme heart issue, extreme back pain, or high blood pressure ought not to exercise Ardha Halasana.

Females should not practice Ardha Halasana after the 2nd month of pregnancy.

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