How This Helps

Benefits of Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercises:
-Improves breathing, energy and vitality and provides more oxygen to the cells, 
-Gives deep physical and mental relaxation through activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, the one that calms you down.
-Lowers blood pressure and produces more harmonious heart rhythms (cardiac coherence)
-Improves lymph circulation through movement of the largest lymphatic vessel  (thoracic duct)
-Improves immune function


Instructions for Deep Abdominal Breathing Exercise:

Step 1
Lay on your belly and gently stretch out

Put your hands on your elbows and move your forearms under your nose, resting your forehead on your forearms

Let go of all tension in your neck and shoulders

Step 2
Bring your full attention to your belly

Breath out by actively pulling in your belly

Relax belly muscles completely, and observe the automatic in-breath that follows, observe how the belly touches the yoga mat

Breath out again by actively pulling in your belly,  and observe the automatic in-breath

Continue breathing slowly and consciously for at least 5 mins.

  1. Step 3

Gently stretch out and roll onto your back with as little effort as possible

Put your right hand on your belly (little finger at the navel and thumb near the lower end of the breastbone), put left hand on left side of chest

Relax and let the body decide how to breath

Observe the right hand moving up and down and the left hand hardly moving at all (activated abdominal breathing through contraction of the diaphragm)

Observe the slow, deep and effortless flow of the breathing

Observe its mental effect (number and quality  of thoughts)

Observe its emotional effect (do you feel restless or peaceful)?

Continue for 5 minutes and enjoy the calming effect for body and mind

Try these simple techniques and believe me it really helps as I personally do the same abdominal breathing exercises.

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