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With the chest lifting and the shoulders moving backward in this pose, the heart and chest area is receiving a gentle, controlled stretch. This slowly relieves muscle constriction and generally improves circulation around the area. It also brings attention to the breath, particularly the inhale. With continued efforts towards deepening the inhale and not just the exhale, we allow more room into the muscles of the chest. This pose is also good for strengthening the back muscles.


“Bhujanga” in Sanskrit means snake. The Bhujangasana pose belongs to the backbend family of yoga poses or asanas. It’s considered a gentle backbend that’s great to start your heart­opening practice with. The tip here is to do your best to move from using your arms to lift up, to eventually just using your back muscles. To begin with, even just a centimeter off the floor is already good progress. It’s also a gateway to practicing more heart openers on the floor.


1. Lie down on your belly on the yoga mat. Have your legs and feet close together and the hands by the ribcage close to the body

2. Press the tops of the feet down on the mat to lift the kneecaps off the floor

3. On an inhale, use your back muscles to peel the chest and the head off the floor in a tiny backbend. Lift the heart, without putting too much weight on the hands

4. Keep your elbows clipped to your side

5. Exhale to release back down on the floor

6. Do this for 3 to 5 rounds on even inhales and exhales

Science and Research

The practice of Bhujangasana has been known to assist in clearing the passageways around and between the heart and the lungs

Cobra Pose Benefits

It is easy to learn how to do the Bhujangasana. It is exercised by relaxing on the stomach, and the face positioned where the chin is touching the ground. The hands are put near the body while palms touch the ground. The legs are to be kept right and hands firmly pushed against the floor. The arms ought to be corrected as one breathes in as well as the breast raised, as one complies with the top back. The hips need to be steady, and this position is to be preserved for fifteen to twenty seconds.

Cobra pose benefits include:

· Help in the stretching of shoulder muscle mass and also  the chest and abdominals muscles

· Reduced lower back stiffness

· Stronger back muscles

· Stronger biceps and also triceps muscles.

· Healthier deep core muscular tissues.

· Help eases sciatica.

 ·Rejuvenates the heart.

· Boost the oxygen and blood flow.

· Stimulates the organs in the abdomen

· Aids recover menstruation irregularities.

· Helps to boost mood.

· Helps gain company and toned butts.

· It helps the posture and your spinal column

· Your arms, as well as your shoulder, get enhanced.

· Enhances flexibility.

· Relieves stress.

· Helps gut health.

· Aids to ease off asthma symptoms.

- Improves flow: The key to stay active and stimulated lies in great blood flow. This is just one of the major advantages of Bhujangasana, as it assists in the improvement of blood flow. Good blood circulation shows that enough oxygen, as well as nutrients, are received by your body's cells. The hormonal equilibrium is also maintained via enhanced blood flow.

- Anxiety: For those dealing with anxiety, depression, and tension-related concerns, below is some handy info. The practice of Bhujangasana is found to be really helpful for the treatment of anxiety-related symptoms such as headaches, weaknesses, and tiredness. Furthermore, this asana is stated to be effective in cases of depression administration somewhat. Nevertheless, it is advised to take expert advice for those struggling with migraine headaches or sleeping disorders.

Helps belly fat: Although it may be declared that yoga exercise is exercised to attain an ideal life, the benefits of this art are secretly appreciated by the appeal enthusiasts! The cobra posture in yoga exercise has been informed to be among the best asanas that result in a level stomach.

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Cobra pose precautions

While yoga is for everybody and the benefits are well understood, caution should be exercised by all. It is best to do all yoga poses with the help of a yoga expert.

- People with back injuries should approach this pose with care and discuss their yoga experiment with their clinical physician.

- Persons with neck issues connecting to spondylitis ought to stay clear of Cobra Position.

- If you are pregnant, you may refrain from the Bhujangasana or discover to use yoga exercise strengthens and various other props, so you do not apply too much stress on your abdominal area.

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