Beat Depression with Meditation

In very simple terms, depression is when you feel disconnected from the divinity within yourself. Each one of us is a powerhouse of wisdom, experiences, knowledge, and awareness. The trouble occurs when we lose that channel to all of this and start feeling lost in life. Once this feeling sets in, every situation has the power to throw the balance off from us, to shake us and if these are not addressed in time, it can turn to what we call “depression” in our current day and age. Have we ever thought why so many people are depressed now­a­days? Why is it that despite the many options and choices we have, there is a constant feeling of discontentment, hopelessness or dissatisfaction? I recommend meditation to help cope up with depression.
Over the past 3­4 years, I have also received a lot of acute depression cases where the trigger is nothing really and I get responses such as “I don’t know.....nothing is wrong but I just feel lost/sad/depressed” These are classic cases of spiritual awakening. Let me explain how.

At some point in our physical life, the soul undergoes a realization of this planet being a foreign place and feels trapped in the denser vibration of your body. This is when anything “earthly” starts seeming futile and an effort. Spending time with people, socializing, the pursuit of money, family life, 
the need for marriage, grounding activities such as swimming, dancing, driving ­ basically all things which are constructs of the Earth realm. 

And this is when people term themselves as getting depressed. This is nothing but a Transcendence ­ so you must know the difference between this and depression. In this case, you need to hold tight and let it pass. If you feel like being by yourself, be by yourself ­ DO NOT be hard on yourself for your choices in this phase. You have to be totally in the moment, and totally accepting of what is arising for you as an experience.

If it’s tightness you are feeling or certain unhappiness and sadness in life, embrace it, acknowledge it and feel it fully ­ don’t push it away or try and shove it under the carpet. Be one with this experience. And when you do so, you may then stop defining it as some kind of judgment the ego has made. And once you stop defining yourself with it, you will step through it and out to the other side ­ almost like a doorway. And this is when 
you start making peace with what is and you start becoming okay with life for whatever it offers ­ because you understand that everything is an experience your soul asked for and the only way out of it is to see it through and move and not indulge in being self­ critical, self­ pitiful or self-

So, to begin with, ­do this meditation every night before sleeping. After this, the path to healing will be unfolded and worked upon. :)
Chronic depression can get suicidal at times first. In such cases, the first thing to crack is that one thing in your life that is keeping you alive. With the help of meditation and visualization work, we revisit and make that association within you stronger. So that the chances of suicide are minimized. Next, we begin reconnecting with the divine in each one of us ­ we take back our power to handle with simple meditation. We need to understand this “Your success in life depends on your capacity to handle life for whatever it offers, your only failure is when you stop trying”. This gives a sense of realization to the self that if I have managed so far, then clearly I am doing something right!! And that is the biggest hope we cling on to in therapy work.

Meditations and affirmations on accepting yourself the way you are and your life the way it is ­ is a very crucial step in curing depression. I have attached this meditation that anyone can do ­ depressed or not ­ to feel a sense of gratitude and love for yourself and for life. This is your anchor. 

It is only after these anchors are in place that does therapeutic work of revisiting the incidences that triggered off the depression begins. Through hypnotherapy, meditation and chakra work, one balances out the distorted associations and etheric cords that one builds and re­builds them from scratch.
On the face of it, there are many reasons for depression to occur. The loss of a loved one, betrayal, failure in spheres of life, fears and stress, familial disconnect are some of the common ones. However, in the work that I have done and researched on for over 8­10 years, the common 
thread I find in almost all depression cases is a dependency on the external environment for completion and a disconnect with the internal environment of one’s being.

Most of us benchmark our success, our happiness based on goals that we set with relation to the external environment ­ be it a certain amount of income, a certain promotion, a certain partner in life ­ whatever it is, we seek it in the outside. This is fine as long as it gets fulfilled. The problem occurs when it does not manifest in our outside world ­ we lose all sense of being and we enter a self-pity or victim mode. 

This mode is like quicksand ­ it keeps pulling you deeper into darkness and soon you see no way out. So, get on the journey to beat your depression with meditation.

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