Preconception care Through Ayurveda

Sruthi Bhat

(Ayurveda | Nutrition)

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Preconception care Through Ayurveda

  • Edison, NJ, USA

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Consultations Included

Preconception care through Ayurveda will include Preconception care consultation, Followed by a diet plan, Detoxification therapy based on clients condition and Yoga postures for increasing pelvic blood supply

These program components have complied from the full literature review and evidence-based practice for improving pregnancy as well as improving pregnancy outcome.

Plan Name Preconception care Through Ayurveda
Specialties Ayurveda | Nutrition
Conditions Women's Health and Pregnancy
Experience 5
About Me I am an Ayurvedic Physician from India. I obtained my BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) in 2014 from Amrita Ayurveda Medical College, Kollam and Master of Public Health from Nova Southeastern University, Florida. I am listed as BAMS doctor with AAPNA (Association of Ayurveda Practitioners of North America). After completing the BAMS degree, I shadowed with Ayurvedic Physician Dr. Beena, who is an expert in the field of Shalakya (ENT disorders) and herbal remedies. I also learned hands-on panchakarma techniques which are efficient to manage chronic disease health conditions. I did my masters project, “Integrative preconception care “at Ayurvedashram holistic health center, where I was able to integrate both Ayurvedic principles and modern techniques for improving the health of the mother as well as to achieve a good pregnancy outcome. My project was mentored by Pari Mudiginty, who is a NJ licensed pharmacist certified in MTM (Medication Therapy Management), Ayurvedic Practitioner and Founder of Ayurvedashram. I am also a freelance healthcare writer and social media marketing specialist. I have delivered creative and engaging post across various social media to initiate the behavior change using social media marketing techniques. Currently, I am working as a wellness manager at Parm wellness Center. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES Done internship under all clinical departments of Amrita Ayurveda Medical hospital. Rural posting at Government Ayurveda Medical Hospital, Cochin, Kerala, India. Clinical posting in Amrita School of medical sciences, Ernakulam Cochin, India. RCPM Medical Hospital Ochira, Kollam, Kerala, India. Amritakripa medical hospital Kollam, Kerala, India Wellness Manager – Parm Wellness, Edison May 2019 – Present Work with HR associates of various corporates to administer employee benefit programs for their staff. Study employee health patterns of organizations and also design bespoke wellness programs Answer patient queries regarding benefits of Ayurveda and also provide guidance in Yoga. Prepare various packages weight loss, Muscle gain, detoxification, rejuvenating & relaxation, stress relief, joint pains and sports injuries.