Nutrition Wellness Package
Sharon Stewart
Sharon Stewart

25 Years experience

Nutrition Wellness Package

55 Serrano Drive, Atherton, California, United States, 94027
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Total years in practice: 25

Plan Details
Consultations Included
Audio Consultations 75 30 Minutes
Video Consultations 75 30 Minutes

One hour Initial Consultation, followed by four 30 minute follow-ups. During the Initial Consultation, I review your health history, areas of concern and health goals.  I set you up on an app to log your food by taking photos, that is synced with my computer.  We will formulate a game plan for reaching those goals, and if time, begin to address them.  You will leave with some action plans  to focus on until the next session.

Follow-up visits can be done face to face or over the phone or video conferencing.  We use these sessions to discuss progress from the previous action plans while reviewing your meal photos from the app.  These visits are initially spaced close together (1-2 weeks apart), then depending on success in action steps less frequent until behavior changes are set.  

How It Works
This format works because of the accountability with the logging.  Studies show that when you are actively making changes with eating, logging meals increases success.  The act of taking a photo increases awareness of food choices (do I really want to eat that if I have to take a picture?), and compliance (much easier than looking up a food in a data base like most other food logging apps).  Expert feedback on the photos is helpful as once you have the knowledge of what the meal should look like (we discuss a meal makeover so you know how to make your plate look).
About The Expert

Hi there! My name is Sharon and have been working in the field of nutrition for over 25 years bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge in nutrition and nutrition counseling. One-on-one nutrition counseling is one of my biggest passions. I love the challenge of understanding individual lifestyles and helping clients find ways to incorporate healthy behaviors that work uniquely for them. My approach is personable and non-judgmental, incorporating counseling skills that put you in the driver’s seat. My goal is to not only guide you on the path toward optimal health, but to provide you with the necessary tools to keep you there. From navigating your way through the seemingly endless and confusing food choices, to making proper choices at restaurants and business trips, I offer guidance every step of the way. In addition, I teach clients how to eat intuitively to promote optimal health. Professional Bio: I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), as well as have a Masters of Science degree in Nutrition and Applied Physiology from Columbia University. I am certified in Adult Weight Management from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as well as certified in LEAP (Lifestyle, Eating and Performance), a blood test that addresses food sensitivities related to irritable bowel syndrome, migraines

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