Initial Consultation- 90 Minutes (Special Introductory Offer!)

Erin Douglas

(Energy Medicine | Homeopathy)

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12 Years experience

Initial Consultation- 90 Minutes (Special Introductory Offer!)

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One time video/audio call plan of 90 minutes.  Special introductory offer!  

This is a full mind/body/ spirit session where we get an overall picture of your current state of health!  We will need the full 90 minutes.  

Plan Name Initial Consultation- 90 Minutes (Special Introductory Offer!)
Specialties Energy Medicine | Homeopathy
Conditions Anxiety, Balance Disorders, Abdominal Bloating, Acne, ADHD/ADD
Experience 12
About Me

I have dedicated my life to finding better answers to health and wellness.  

I was never convinced that the North American healthcare system, which centers around the dispensing of pharmaceutical drugs, was actually any good at achieving the type of life-long wellness I wanted for myself and my family.  I  always felt that there had to be a better way to live, age and be.    

In 2004, I traveled to Southeast Asia where I was introduced to, and fell in love with, yoga and yogic healing therapies.  I began practicing and studying yoga in 2004, and enjoyed the opportunity to study with some of the best instructors in Asia.   After years of practice, I  received my Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certification in the ancient spiritual city of Rishikesh, India. It has been over ten years since I began practicing yoga and I still learn something new each time I come to my mat.   

During my six years in Asia, I was also introduced to and began practicing the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and while I did not formally study Traditional Chinese Medicine, it inspired me to live a preventative lifestyle.  I found that my concept of diet changed as I learned which foods where "hot" and which were "cooling" and I began to eat according to what my body needed.  Later, when my grasp on the Mandarin language became proficient, I audited classes at the Traditional Chinese Medicine University in Guangzhou, China as well as studied nutritional theory and herbalism in my free time.  

Very interested in the role the mind plays in health, I traveled to Northern Thailand to study Vipassana meditation in a Buddhist monastery, gaining a deeper appreciation for the connections between the body, mind and spirit.

The main theme that all these systems of healing share i

Energy Medicine