Fitness Package
Eric Sarra
Eric Sarra

Exercise | Nutrition

2 Years experience

Fitness Package

1470 Waterview Dr W #102, Tampa, Florida, United States, 33771
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Total years in practice: 2

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Consultations Included
Audio Consultations 10 30 Minutes
Video Consultations 10 30 Minutes
Text Consultations 10 30 Minutes
A 30 day full spectrum fitness package. This is for the self-motivated individual who needs a little guidance. After a fitness consultation, we embark on helping you reach your fitness goals. I construct 2 fitness plans that will get you through 4 weeks of exercise. You have full access to me via Phone, Text, Email and Skype for questions, concerns, clarification, and even video chat to take with you to the gym. 
How It Works
This isn't a cookie cutter program that can be given to anyone. This program is tailored to you, we can help correct any aches or pains, learn something new, and simply get you into better shape that way your body wants you to. 
About The Expert

I have learned to love the excitement that goes into not just personal training, but personal success! I live and breathe for my clients to grab their health by the horns and find their inner "want-to". It's true that no one has ever left the gym, regretting the decision to go - but it's the desire to get there that is the hardest to build, and that is my ultimate lifetime goal. I named my personal training business: Desire to Achieve Fitness. This is because with me - clients don't just get results, they get the desire to achieve those results.

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