Destress Yourself with Yoga and Pranayama

Ellen Aarts

(Meditation | Yoga | Reiki Therapy)

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4 Years experience

Destress Yourself with Yoga and Pranayama

  • Calle Teniente Peñalver, Prado del Rey, España

  • Offered online and in my office

  • Offered in English

Consultations Included

  • Video Consultations

    45 Minutes

  • Text Consultations

    15 Minutes

Are you stressed out and having anxiety issues especially during the uncertain year of 2020? This personalized session is designed to help you calm down and teach how to handle stress and anxiety.

Help overcome anxiety, stress, fatigue. Every process would start with an intake session of 30 minutes.  In our first session, I will help you with your existing state of mind and guide you with personalized Yoga asana and breathing techniques.


As an additional bonus, I will add the following:

  •  5 minute guided meditation
  • 8 minute body scan meditation

  • 10 minute Yin Yoga video

Lot of research has been done on Yoga and its impact to help reduce anxiety and stress.

You may cancel the session 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

There has been a lot of research done to prove how Yoga can help calm the brain.

Each session will be 60 minutes long.

Plan Name Destress Yourself with Yoga and Pranayama
Specialties Meditation | Yoga | Reiki Therapy
Conditions Stress, Anxiety Disorders
Experience 4
About Me

Hello, my name is Ellen.

I invite you on the journey that will take you from stress to calmness, from overwhelm to resilience and strength and from tension to who you really are. A place of true strength and true super powers.

My mission is to facilitate you in becoming more effective, resilient, calm and centered in your day to day life.

I specialise in anxiety and stress relief and I do this through sharing science-based tools and techniques, offering a pragmatic combination of intellectual knowledge, applied techniques, as well as life experience and the spiritual approach to true ease and replenishing.

In my work I combine both my personal and professional experience.

I use my skills as an academically trained journalist and international communication expert, my gained managerial and mentor capacities and all I have learnt being an international retreat leader, yin yoga Teacher and reiki energy therapist. The services I offer here at Nourishdoc are:

1. Relax and Restore' digital package, which has different therapeutic tools that you can practice with from the comfort of your own home.

2. Coaching, with either a single coaching session or a coaching process plan that would be a trajectory of 3-5 sessions helping people overcome anxiety, stress, fatigue. Every process would start with an intake, that is free of cost (30 -45minutes).

3. Online Day Retreat. Have a look at the wellness plans to get more information on each option. Looking forward to working with you,

  1. For any inquiries, please email me at [email protected]