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vitiligo relief therapy

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A rare autoimmune disease, leucoderma (Vitiligo) is characterised by white patches on the skin. Such a problem often makes a person suffering from it, feel inferior or mentally disturbed.

What benefits do you get from the leucoderma (Vitiligo) package?
It is the answer to all your woes from this disease through its 6-month package. Its unique characteristic is that it works with the help of medicines that are known to have no side effects. Medicines are delivered in 5-6 working days. 

Some of the features offered by the package include: 
- Unlimited and personalised support throughout treatment period and beyond
- In-depth analysis of your case history
- Tailored as per your convenience and needs 
The leucoderma (Vitiligo) package helps to solve:
White patches on the skin

Details of the leucoderma (Vitiligo) treatment process:
1. Expert analysis and understanding of the problem and your case history
2. Allocation of appropriate medicines according to your needs
3. Regular follow-ups and monitoring of the progress you are making
4. Additional psychological and emotional support provided as well 

What you can expect from the package: 
Results are promising and visible on the affected skin

At AyuMD we have been quite Successful in decoding most of the causes of Psoriasis and best possible line of treatment. We have found that Vitiligo is not only Skin disease  but its 'Rakta pradoshaj' a blood tissue related diseases. 

In last 15 years we have researched 11 unique causes of psoriasis like thyroid, IBS, chronic cough cold, fever with unknown origin etc., and hence we prepare cause specific Personalised Ayurvedic medicines for Patients. 

It gives us immense pleasure and satisfaction every time we see patient getting relief. It takes at least 90 days to see the results. At AyuMD the medicine are freshly prepared from 100% organic sources and are personalized as per cause. 


Plan Name vitiligo relief therapy
Specialties Ayurveda
Conditions Vitiligo
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About Me Darshan is a MD in Ayurveda medicine with specialisation in dermatology, currently heading the Superspeciality Ayurveda Clinics with Yoga and panchakarma hospital services at Mumbai India. He graduated in Medicine from University of Mumbai KG mital Ayurvedic Medical College with post graduation in Ayurveda diploma in skin and trichology from GCTA Australia Institute. He underwent sub-specialty training in Shri Vishwamrut Treatment centre under Honorable Dr.Samir Jamadagni,pune.(one of the best Ayurveda physician in India currently) for Nadi pariksha (pulse diagnosis) Agni Karma (instant pain management), Panchakarma (Body cleansing therapy), Beej sudhi( Pre-Marriage Gene Therapy ) His desire is to bring in fast acting successful solutions of Ayurveda medicine in mainstream healthcare in India and globally which led him to USA, Europe and Canada. He was awarded the Membership of the Europe Ayurveda academy in 2016 for training in Ayurveda professional therapist, He plays mentors to western Ayurveda practioner across globe. His special intrest is Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Diabetes, Joint Pain, PCOD, Thyroid, Epilesy, paralysis,Piles ,Acne, Hair fall. More than 2000 patient benefited in his last 20 years of practice. Dr Darshan Desai is available for online consultation at Ayurveda life works, Portland USA. By prior appointment. email [email protected]