PCOS diet and Wellness Plan

PCOS diet and Wellness Plan

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Total years in practice: 10

Plan Details
Consultations Included
Audio Consultations 12 30 Minutes
Video Consultations 3 15 Minutes
Text Consultations 90 15 Minutes

The highlights of this diet include the four most effective therapies:
1. Low fat diet
    Here, we will focus on healthier types of fats and incorporate them into your diet and meal plan. Healthy types of oils focus more on plant-based oil sources. There are also types of fat that you need to avoid because they can become detrimental to your health and worsen your condition. We will increase your awareness of wise selection of your food and meal options.
2. Anti Inflammatory diet
3. Low Glycemic Index diet
4. DASH Diet

What's Included?

You will be given:
1. A list of foods to eat and foods to avoid
2. A comprehensive nutrition care plan with nutrition assessment, intervention, and monitoring
3. A 2-week cycle menu and some sample recipes.

How It Works

PCOS is a complex disease that the therapy involves a combination of diet and lifestyle modification that is personalized to your needs and identified problems. A low-fat diet will promote healthy cells, healthy cardiovascular health, and improved PCOS condition and its management.
Our Anti-inflammatory diet gives you a comprehensive understanding and list of foods that will help re-vitalize and detoxify our cells, thus promoting healthy tissue and cell growth which is important for improvement and treatment.
Our Low Glycemic index diet will promote more efficient use of feminine hormones and helps us achieve balance in our body. An understanding of foods to avoid and allowed is crucial in our day to day health challenge.
And, lastly, our DASH Diet will also provide support in maintaining the health, growth, and maintenance of our body, thus preventing further complications and manages your situation.
All in all, health is a conscious effort and a choice to live for each day. We are here to guide you. You are not alone and believe that you can achieve your self-awareness and improved health status


Cancellation is allowed 72 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.

About The Expert

I have just figured my personal mission. I believe that my mission is to leave no hungry or malnourished life on this planet. My personal vision is to have an environment where good food is served and accessible to everyone from all walks of life. The greatest defeat is having no food to eat. And when I say no food, it means no one is left malnourished under my care. That is how I figured my personal mission and vision.

I am registered Nutritionist-Dietitian with ten years of practice in the Food and Nutrition industry and Clinical Nutrition. It is my dedication and passion to provide quality service to my clients. I am skilled in identifying nutrition problems and concerns. I can do all sorts of Nutrition management, especially Diabetes, weight loss and renal nutrition. I successfully handle weight loss diets to my clients and do caloric and nutrient monitoring including Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, Sodium, Potassium and Phosphorus monitoring. I can do well with menu planning including all types of balanced diets. I could also handle pediatric and geriatric diets. I love this science and craft because Health is wealth. I am a health advocate and I write health and wellness articles and blogs to help those in need of nutrition and holistic health advice. My experience is mastered in Menu planning for different walks of life and different stages of life. I also create recipes to help achieve ideal body weight and desired nutrition status. I have experience in foodservice, food sanitation, and food safety also. As a clinical dietitian I am skilled in Caloric counting, and in creating contents about Nutrition facts, Nutrition labels and in interpreting various product contents. I believe in the holistic approach of achieving proper diet and nutrition and good health. The science and art are growing and I am committed to grow, train and learn more about my endeavor. Thank you.


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