Diabetes management program

Anshupriya Bhatnagar

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Diabetes management program

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Consultations Included

  • Audio Consultations

    15 Minutes

  • Video Consultations

    15 Minutes

  • Text Consultations

    15 Minutes

1. Regular Counseling 

2. Customized dietary changes would be recommended.

3. Recipes would be provided.

Eating well balanced diet is a key to protecting the overall health and reducing the risk of other health conditions.

 A balanced diet with healthy carbohydrate sources, healthy fat sources such as nuts and olive oil, and lean protein sources have been shown to help metabolic syndrome, another potential diabetes complication. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions — such as elevated blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol — that occur together and increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. 

Plan Name Diabetes management program
Conditions Diabetes: Type II
Experience 14
About Me Hi! I'm a DIETICIAN. I prescribe well calculated diets for weight loss, Diabetes, Hypertension, High cholesterol, Renal problems, Hormonal problems. The aim is to achieve best of health along with desired results.