Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance

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This program takes the guesswork out of weight loss by creating unique nutrition plans that are based on an individual’s blood values. The program is spread over 4 phases, starting with a 2-day detox and includes 10 coaching sessions where we track and monitor your progress.  These meetings can be carried out in person or over the phone.

Step by step guide to getting started…

1. Assessment Call – To see explain how the program works and answer any questions

2. Blood sample  – The results of your blood test will form the foundations to your personal nutrition plan.

3. Nutrition Consultation – During this consultation, we will review your lab test results, establish your health goals, and create a personal nutrition plan, which you will receive approximately 3 days after your consultation. 

4. Personal Coaching –The program includes 10 coaching sessions to help guide and support you through each step of the program.  Each week you will have an opportunity to ask questions and share your progress. During these sessions, you will be able to create new possibilities, identify limiting beliefs and breakthrough any habits that are holding you back. 

5. The 4 Phases of the programme.

Phase 1 - This phase begins with a two-day detox and colon cleanse. The process of detoxification and elimination and is key in preparing your metabolism for the next phase.

Phase 2 - During this phase, you must only eat the foods specified on your personal nutrition plan. The first 14 days are fat-free.

Phase 3 - Additional foods will be added to your food list.

Phase 4 - On the basis of your knowledge, and experience with the previous three phases, you can now experiment for yourself and get to know which foods are right for you.  Now you can begin to slowly ease yourself away from the plan, whilst still following the nutrition advice you have learned during the programme.

How It Works

In order to get slim and stay slim, we first need to get healthy! The only way to truly do this is to find out what is going on inside. This can only be done by carrying out a blood test and analyzing the data.

A sluggish liver, dehydration, toxic overload, poor immunity, low metabolism, hormone imbalances or a compromised digestive system make sustainable weight loss impossible. If the body can't detox, digest or metabolize properly then weight loss will always be an on-going  struggle. The Metabolic Balance program provides a nutrient specific program based on an individual's biochemistry that naturally brings the body back into balance. 

About The Expert

I am a Holistic Nutritionist and Metabolic Balance Coach. I specialize in hormonal health and weight loss. I provide Functional Health reports based on an individual's blood work to determine the root cause of any imbalances. This valuable report serves as a tangible tool for tracking health goals and monitoring progress. I also provide personal nutrition plans based on individual lab work which serves as a personal nutrition roadmap. I am based in Los Angeles where I work from home.  You can find information about my programs and services at