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Dr. Ish Sharma (Ayurveda) shares his clinical trial experience on how Ayurveda and Panchakarma can help immunity and diabetes type 2. Here's a concept of immunity in Ayurveda known as the beej-bhumi concept, meaning'seed and land.' In cases like this, the body is analogous to the land and diseases, or 'bugs' are similar to seeds. If the body is full of ama (toxins) and lacking in ojas (the best product of digestion), the disease will find it to be fertile ground for spreading, as land that's fertile will sprout many seeds. If digestion is powerful, and ojas, as opposed to ama, predominates in the human body, then the seeds of the disease won't be able to take hold, just as seeds won't take root in the land that's infertile.
Diabetes: Type II, Immunity, Prediabetes
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