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In Ayurveda, you are what you eat, explains P. Patel (Ayurveda & Yoga). In the Ayurvedic system, good health always begins with good digestion and lays emphasis on healthy, fresh, tasty, and easy to digest foods. According to Ayurveda, an incorrect diet can be the cause of virtually every condition and disease. In fact, food is considered as a natural medicine, and a balanced diet the main resource for good health. Only then comes the supportive system of herbs, treatments, and medicine. This approach differs considerably from the usual Western medicine that mainly relies on chemical remedies to “make” our bodies well as if to force nature to do our bidding. People are getting increasingly aware that those “quick fixes” might not be the best answer to their situations.
Diabetes: Type II, Digestive Health, Gut Health, Heart Disease, Heart Health, Immunity, Mental Health And Behavior
Ayurveda, Diet Therapy
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