Stay Healthy- Treat Eating Disorders with Homeopathy

A deep acting constitutional remedy along with counseling is required to treat an eating disorder. However, fear of weight gain and acquiring some disease or anxiety about the amount of food intake3, anxiety about the health are the common symptoms experienced by persons requiring arsenic. 

Eating disorders are commonly seen in young adults and teenagers. They produce severe disturbances in everyday pattern of eating and are often related to psychiatric conditions where the person is obsessed with their weight1.  The common eating disorders include Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia nervosa, and Binge-eating disorder. In Anorexia nervosa, people think themselves to be overweight, even though they have a healthy weight or are even underweight, due to an extreme fear of weight gain. In Bulimia nervosa, there is a tendency to uncontrolled eating, often done secretly, and associated with a fear of gaining weight. It is followed by forced vomiting, purging, severe dieting or exercise.
Persons with Binge eating disorder lose control of eating and are commonly overweight. They are mostly at risk because of obesity and risk of cardiovascular disorders.

Homeopathy Remedies

Homeopathy takes a holistic approach for treatment of eating disorders. It considers a person’s mental as well as physical health to choose the right remedy for the person. The right remedy can treat the mental situation of the patient leading to these eating disorders as well. A detailed case taking along with the mental symptoms will help to select the right remedy.

Expert Says:

Arsenic Album is a remedy which is shown great effects in treating eating disorders where it is accompanied with tremendous fear and anxiety in general.        

Recommended Dosage:
 Arsenic Album 200C, 4 pills as a single dose, constitutional remedy.

Please note: For patient specific treatments and dosage, always consult with a homeopathic doctor before beginning treatment.

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