What is Quantum Healing?

Quantum recovery, although a relatively new option therapy due to the birth of quantum psychics around 90 years earlier, is essentially a form of energy medicine. The idea that our body is comprised of an energetic life force is hardly new. It has existed for centuries in other therapies such as reiki and Chinese medicine. In China, this life force was called 'chi,' and if out of balance, it would cause illness. This post shows you what quantum healing is and responds to questions that many individuals may have a treatment.

Quantum-Touch uses life-force energy (referred to as chi in Chinese and prana in Sanskrit) to facilitate healing. The Quantum-Touch methods teach us how to focus and magnify life-force energy by integrating different breathing and body awareness exercises.

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Body intelligence for healing

The body has a fantastic ability to heal itself, and Quantum Healing helps to make the most of the body's capacity to heal. It is believed that Quantum Healing attends to the root cause of illness and creates the area for natural healing to happen. Instead of just dealing with symptoms, Quantum Healing tries to resolve the underlying reason for the disease. The concept of "body intelligence" is central to this method in that the body understands how to heal itself wholly given the proper conditions.

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What to Expect From Quantum Healing?

All recovery is based on self-healing; quantum healers think we can help other people to heal with their recovery process. Therapists believe that they use life-force energy, widely recognized as chi in Chinese and prana in Sanskrit, to help with recovery. The Quantum healers' method teaches how to focus and enhance life-force energy by combining body awareness and numerous breathing exercises.

In the belief of quantum therapists, life-force energy is an efficient tool for healing because of the concepts of resonance and entrainment, something with scientific understanding. In physics, entrainment theory is the process where two vibrating objects, vibrating at various speeds, start to vibrate at the same rate when energy is moved in between the two things. Entrainment shows up in biology, chemistry, neurology, medication, and more.

A Quantum Therapist is thought to create a high frequency of life-force energy and then use that energy to place this field of high energy around a location of tension, inflammation, pain,  or illness. Doing this process is comprehended to enhance our body's natural recovery capability.

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The power of thought

People who have used quantum recovery have reported indications of improvement. There is some research to back up benefits, though others may view this therapy as placebo therapy. Even if the treatment is nothing more than a placebo, if it does offer comfort and a sense of relief from discomfort or psychological trouble for one person, then the therapy is undoubtedly a success. There is a clear understanding in holistic treatment that what works for one person may not work for the next. Try it and see if it provides any benefit to you or not.

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How much does a Quantum Healing Session cost?

Quantum recovery is reasonably new, and your doctor is unlikely to recommend this as a therapeutic approach. Thus, the only path to quantum healing is a personal treatment. The cost of a session can vary from $50 to $300  and possibly more depending upon the therapist's experience, specialty, and location of the practice.

If you believe quantum recovery is the proper treatment, but you have the wrong therapist, you have every right to look for a second opinion, and you will not upset your therapist. They just desire you to heal from your difficulty as finest you can, and you are worthy of feeling better. If, on the other hand, you don't feel quantum healing is operating at all, then do not be discouraged, there are lots of, many different kinds of therapy to recover from depression, and quantum healing is only one. 

Everyone is unique, and so are Quantum Recovery Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) sessions. Many can gain a good deal from the opportunity to explore their life so adequately with an active and interested listener. Happily, the benefits do not end there. But just started. When you begin your journey, the first thing is getting used to being in the theta state as you see yourself in a previous life and speaking about it. It's a unique experience. You will explore your subconscious (or Greater Self). You can also ask whatever concerns you have. The responses are often so direct and particular to the client in such a way that they hit home. 

Some individuals believe in Quantum Recovery since they were exposed, at some point, to the teachings of Dolores Cannon, acknowledged as the pioneer behind Quantum Recovery. Based on her experiences as a practicing hypnotist, Dolores wrote many books about Quantum Recovery. She's understood to have established the so-called Quantum Recovery Hypnotic Strategy (QHHT). On the other hand, Deepak Chopra based his book on his experience as a doctor of Western medication, returning to his roots to explore the ancient custom of Ayurveda healing in India.

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Quantum Healing & The Sciences.

Quantum Healing & The Sciences.

Some think that Quantum Healing is linked to the discoveries in Quantum Physics. For one, they might believe that everything in our physical world discharges energy. This might be matched with the discovery in Quantum Physics that can be strange to many. Everything is energy, and the secrets of the universe are encoded in energy, frequencies, and vibrations.

There are also some distinct beliefs in Quantum Recovery, such as the belief that human ideas can impact physical objects, including the bodies of individuals. To conclude that the material world can be altered simply by altering the way you believe might need more evidence for it to be typically accepted by doubters.

Another special belief in Quantum Recovery is that a person can only be healed if the person truly wants to be healed; it is essential to concentrate on your inner self. The healing can just take place if it's part of the individual's objective throughout their lifetime.

Dolores claimed that part of the QHHT process is to ask Sub Conscious if recovery can be made right now for the patient. Sometimes, Sub Conscious may deny the demand, either because they consented to go through that illness when they were incarnated or because the individual hasn't found out to look after their body properly. This might discuss why some patients are recovered instantly while others aren't.

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What can Quantum Touch therapy heal?

There are some chronic illnesses that QHHT has played a part in healing. Although there is yet to be a scientific explanation, some individuals anecdotally declare that QHHT is the one responsible for recovering their disease. Among those 'tested' to be healed through QHHT are the following.

Back pain

Skin problems

Lung problems

Neck and/or shoulder discomfort




Kidney and liver health.

Joint cartilage.

Removal of cancer.

Many people may be interested in seeing if their illnesses that aren't on this list can be cured. So, this helps make the QHHT practice more popular because many people may have attempted conventional Western medication but found no relief from their signs.

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