How to stop emotional eating

Need help with managing emotional & binge eating? Follow these simple steps
Did you know that underlying stress is the cause of binge eating causing excessive consumption of foods high in calories and low in nutritional value? What sets emotional eating apart from binge eating is the quantity of food consumed. Emotional eating is caused by several factors than a singular factor and is accompanied by a series of potential warning signals. Emotional eating is assessed by health professionals by screening mental as well as physical health

issues. Emotional eating can be overcome by learning healthier ways to look at food and inculcate ideal eating habits. Recognizing what triggers the behavior and developing more positive triggers holds the key to success.
A stressed individual watching a dull TV program tends to keep eating nearly anything he can find, maybe start with nuts, progress to cheese and later push down the throat anything they can lay hands on. Hunger is not the cause and eating is only an escape route for the stress. But the excessive calories that get into the body will unfailingly cause an imbalance leading to serious health issues.


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