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What causes toxification? Where do the toxins come from? Detoxification is a natural healing process that involves resting, cleansing, and nourishing the body from the inside out. Natural detox cleanse is a process that involves eliminating toxins within the body by the incorporation of natural foods in the diet. Nowadays, lifestyle habits and the environment’s where we live, work, eat, and play often expose us to toxins and impurities which are harmful to our body. The physiological processes designed in our bodies are very efficient in eliminating these impurities and toxins. But there are certain impurities and toxins which do not get eliminated efficiently by our body. Hence, after a given period, a natural detox cleanse is essential for our body to eliminate these toxins and impurities. Natural detox cleanse is also essential for our body as it helps rejuvenate our body processes like the digestive tract, respiratory tract, helps purify our blood and also helps in boosting our immunity. [1]

Natural detox cleanse

Why do you need a natural detox cleanse?

Our body naturally detoxifies itself with the help of some organs which work together to neutralize and eliminate toxins and impurities from the blood and all the cells of the body. The liver is the main organ responsible for the natural detoxification of the body. The supporting organs which help in detoxification of the body are kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph, and skin. When this natural liver detox of the body gets compromised or does not function efficiently, impurities and toxins are not eliminated out of your body effectively. Hence, it is essential to naturally detox and cleanse these detoxification organs of the body with natural foods and nutrients.

There are many reasons due to which the natural detoxification of the body gets compromised. The new lifestyle changes are the main reasons why there is an increase in day to day exposure to toxins and impurities. As per a recent study, significant factors contributing to increased toxins and impurities within the body are:

⮚ Prolonged high stress

⮚ Heavy metals in the food and water supply

⮚ Environmental pollution

⮚ Chemical food additives

⮚ Overuse of Rx medication

⮚ Poor quality diet and lifestyle habits

⮚ Frequent cold and chronic illness

⮚ Smoking & overuse of alcohol and drugs [2,3]

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Studies in natural detox

Scientists suggest the use of detox diets, which include natural fruits, vegetables, cleansing herbs, and spices, which are clinically proven to support the body in eliminating toxins and impurities from the body. However, there is no significant evidence that backs the use of these detox diets in the elimination of toxins from the body. The mechanism of these diets is also unclear. But studies show that these diets help in optimizing the natural defense system of the body for the elimination of toxins. Certain foods in the diet harm the liver and kidney, which are the prime detoxification organs of the body. As a result, the efficiency of the liver and kidney in eliminating toxins and impurities out of the body is decreased.

In a study, it was found that 90% of alcohol is metabolized in the liver. Excessive alcohol consumption results in the formation of compound acetaldehyde, which is known as a cancer-causing chemical. As a result, the detoxification efficiency of the liver is decreased. Another study suggests that excessive consumption of sugar results in fat deposition in the liver, which negatively affects liver function. [4,5,6]

As per a study, these are some tips for natural detox and cleanse of the body:

1.     Water – Increasing the daily water intake results in flushing out of the toxins from the body through urine. A 2004 Japanese study conducted on people with chronic constipation found an inverse relationship between the amount of water intake and the severity of constipation. [7]

2.     Sleep – Adequate amount of sleep helps your body to rest and recharge itself. In a study, it was found that during our sleep, our detoxification organs perform at maximum efficiency in eliminating toxins out of the body.

3.     Natural foods – It is essential to consume whole foods containing all necessary vitamins and minerals for the healthy functioning of the detox system of the body. It is crucial to include antioxidant-rich foods along with probiotics in the diet.

4.     Decrease salt intake – Higher amount of salt in the diet causes the body to retain excess fluid. The excess fluid build-up within the body does not allow the body to eliminate the toxins inside the body. [8,]

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Natural liver cleanse

Role of liver in the detox process

The liver has a vital role in the detox process of the body. All the toxins and impurities are broken down in the liver with the help of its enzymes and then eliminated out of the body. As per a study, these are some signs which reveal the decreased performance of the liver.

⮚ Abdominal bloating

⮚ Trouble digesting fatty foods

⮚ High blood pressure or cholesterol

⮚ Fatigue and nausea

⮚ Pain around the liver area

⮚ Heartburn/acid reflux

⮚ Increased body heat/excessive sweating

⮚ Itchy, blotchy skin

⮚ Yellowish skin and eyes

⮚ Sudden, unexplained weight gain

According to many studies, these are some foods and herbs which help in the natural cleansing of the liver:

⮚ Ginger

⮚ Amla

⮚ Garlic

⮚ Turmeric

⮚ Green Tea

⮚ Cruciferous Vegetables like Broccoli, Sprouts, Kale, etc.

⮚ Citrus fruits like Lemon, Orange, etc.

⮚ Walnuts

⮚ Olive oil [9]

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Natural detox drinks

Natural detox drinks have become a trend for the modern world. People believe that all the solutions to their health problems are detox drinks. But the truth about these drinks is that they boost the natural detoxification of the body. As the natural detoxification of the body rejuvenates with the help of these drinks, it eliminates all the toxins and impurities out from the body. Hence, all the natural processes of the body function effectively, and that gives us a sense of well being and positive energy within our body.

As suggested by many studies, these are some of the best detox drinks which one can try:

1. Orange-Carrot-Ginger Detox

2. Lemon-Cucumber-Mint Detox

3. Pomegranate juice

4. Honey lemon ginger tea

5. Coconut water

6. Ginger Litchi lemonade

7. Detox Haldi (Turmeric) tea [10,11]

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As we can see that due to various environmental factors which contributed towards the increase in exposure to toxins and impurities, it is important for an individual to take care of their body. The natural detoxification system of the body requires rejuvenation at specific intervals to keep it functioning efficiently. To rejuvenate the natural detox system of the body, detox diets and detox drinks are essential, which are mentioned above. An effective natural body cleanse helps the body to clear itself from harmful toxins and impurities. As a result, the health of the body improves, immunity is boosted, and there are increased energy levels of the body. 

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