Lower Blood Sugar with Homeopathy

Phosphoricum Acidum is a Homeopathic medicine prepared by diluting and potentizing molecules of phosphoric acid. Marked symptoms covered by this remedy are dryness of mouth, frequent urination, debility or weakness of body parts, sugar in urine4.

An increase in the level of glucose in the blood is termed as Diabetes. In Type 1 diabetes, there is insulin deficiency because of the destruction of the beta cells of Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. This insufficiency in insulin affects the absorption of glucose into cells which is the energy supplier of the cells and adversely affects their functions1.  The initial signs and symptoms include muscle wasting, fatigue, weakness, loss of weight, correlated to the lack of energy supply to the cells, increased urination, increase in thirst and appetite, etc2. In severe cases blood vessels of vital organs like eyes, nerves, kidneys, heart are affected 3. 


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